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Diary No.3 Part B
from 7th July to 13th December 1916
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7/July 1916. Friday

Parcel of lace from Mrs Warr.

2 men who’d had injections of chloroform came in with terrible swollen jaws. Sent to hospital.

Told Mr Smith some of his doings etc last night.

Wrote to Ena Charlwood & Mrs Warr.

 8th July 1916. Reply from Horseferry Rd. Letters from Mother and Laura, Miss Pearce & Madame Calonne. & Nan Barbour.

Mac came from Park House. Wrote Queenie.

 9th July 1916. Sunday.

Letter from Elaine. British Esperanto’

 (Rubber stamp imprint)

 Weighed 12-9lbs.

 10th  Letter from Min & McBride. Wrote Mr Stretton, Maude Peterson, Frank Green.

Bombing application turned down.

 11th. Nothing special. Letter from Mrs Warr. Afraid that application for trip to


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (40)

             France has been pigeon-holed. Saw W.O. Cooper & he hasn’t seen it yet.

 12/7/16  Wrote Mother & L.Tardif.

Went to Ludgershall - a quaint little old fashioned village. Most of the cottages thatched & pretty old. Went to a fair with Cpl Watt, Chissy & Dowcra & to chapel café.

 13/7/16. Letters from Bertha, Mother & Lionel Lawson. Wrote Elaine.

Saw Major Stewart about application - find it has gone on & must just wait. Cards from Horseferry Rd re Kit bag & Frank Green. Wrote Bob Garnham.

 14/7/16. Letters from Laura & Min.

Wrote to Stella, Doris Gamlin, Mabel Fuller, Nell Frier.

I’m feeling homesick tonight. Am afraid all the friends at home and in this country will forget me and why not!

But then Mother is always


there - and she won’t forget - thank God! Nor will He. “These things I have spoken unto you that ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer - I have overcome the world”.

Two years! It’s too much to expect anyone to remember. 5 weeks since leaving Abbey Wood. Too much too. I wonder - if only I could get to France, what a lot it would solve. But Mother - Mother will always remember.

Fit as ever in my life - but back here on the base line, and Frank over at Armentiers - Ray Thornton at Cairo - so many of the boys doing their best - I’m back here - pen pushing - why can’t they make the change? Why shouldn’t I be sent in the bombers, or even Field Ambulance. Gordon Frier went out like a man - and how better could a fellow want to die - The chance


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (41)

             may come yet.

 15/7/16. Must have been damn near mad when I wrote last night.

Letters from Marg’ & Queenie.

Mac came over in the afternoon & we went to Ludgershall to tea.

 16/7/16 Went to Bhurtpore & Mooltan. Mac in tents at Mooltan. Got sopping wet. Wrote Queenie

 17/7/16  Letters from Min, Ena and Elaine.

Wrote Patty

 18/7/16. Wrote Mother, N

Went to Park House for a walk with Chissy

 19/7/16  Wrote Mrs Frier & Mrs Lawson. Nothing special.


20/7/16. Lost camera in raffle - runner up.

Letter from Queenie. Wrote Miss Murray Prior & Vera & Elaine, Mrs Warr, Min, Mr McBride, May King


21/7/16 Letter from Nell. Nothing special


22/7/16  Mac, Chissy, Whetton & I went for a long walk round past Kimpton & Thruxton - two pretty little villages. Very nice tea in garden of great old house - Kimpton Post Office.


23/7/16  Walked with Chis to Park House - Staff McDougall root filled 5 for me. Had dinner with Len Uren & walked back with the Staff - very nice indeed. Went for a walk with Cpl Watt in evening. Found wild strawberry patch.


24/7/16  Letter from Nan Barbour. Wrote Bertha Baker -


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (42)


25/7/16. Letter from Elaine & Mrs Warr.

Wrote Madame & Lionel.

 26/7/16 News of a shift soon. Wrote Mother & S-no Papadopoulo - Letters from Min, Laura & Miss Jenkins (Troc.)

 27/7/16  Cpl Watt & I went for bike ride through Kimpton Thruxton, Fifefield & Penton. Very pretty country & old cottages.

 28/7/16  Nothing doing. Staff McDermott & Lieut Bennett, Whetton & Chissy going to France. Chissy to be Staff sgt. Len Uren going with Lieut Marshall as SSgt. Wrote to Elaine & Marj Tardif


29/7/16  New men took over the place. I’m to be on with S.M.O. for a time as Card King. Mrs Warr sent a great birthday cake


Mac & I nearly made ourselves ill with it. Letter from Bertha & Madame Calonne. Mac & I went to Ludgershall.

 30/7/16. Letter from Elaine

Wrote Mrs Warr. Went to church.

 31/7/16. Went with Chissy, Whetton & Wally to Kimpton for supper. Pleasant evening. Started with S.M.O.

 1/8/16 Wrote to Mother & Queenie & Min.

 2/8/16 Cards from Marj & Nell. Parcel from Laura & Queenie, containing lollies, Spanish ribbons, liver pills, cigarettes, biscuits, sugar, onion, fly trap, sherbert suckers, prize packets, chewing gum, transfers, Easter egg, Epsom salts, etc.etc. Letter from Mrs Tardif

Wrote Laura, S-no Thomas, Miss Nicholls - George Robertson - London for machine gun book.


50mm f4 42scr Macro-Takumar 1369453 @ 3X26XFL (1) @f4=110


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (43)

 3/8/16  Wrote Nan & Elaine. Drew 30/-.

Offered 2 stripes to stay on with S.M.O. No apparent chance of a move, but will ask him if it will bind me if I accept. Wrote Laura.

 4-8-16. Won’t be bound to stay, so will try it for a month or so. Major very pleasant.

 5-8-16  Went to Kimpton P.O. for tea. Very pleasant time indeed.

Parcel from Min.

 6-8-16. Wrote Min. Went to Kimpton but too late for church. Wrote Mrs Stubbs.

 7/8/16. Not much doing. Went to Kimpton with Cpl Watt.

 8/8/16. Letters from Elaine & Ena & card from Bertha Baker

Wrote Barry Sullivan, Mother & Mrs Stubbs.



9.8.16 Went to Kimpton. Nothing special.


10.8.16. Nothing spec. Cpl Watt took photo.


11.8:16  Went to see Mac with Cpl Watt. We all went over to a Roman fort on the plain. On the top of a hill - a moat all round the summit enclosing about 15 acres. Very fine view indeed. Just at our feet lies the moat - dry now - and covered with vivid yellow & purple flowers. In the distance to the left is the reddish brown of a ploughed field, bordered on one side by a dark green bank of trees, and on the other the light green of a crop of oats, changing through a light yellow crop - more ripened - into a golden brown island of ripened wheat.

At the back of the yellow is a patch of heliotrope gray ploughed land, and a small group of stooks


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (44)


Further back still lies a black patch of trees, and to the right, at the side of a white strip of road, is a vivid green square in a small hollow. Further still to the right shows the scarlet of a field of poppies, toned down to orange by the distance and touch of bluish haze in the air. Then comes a chessboard field - marked for ploughing.

The old thatched cottages nestling among the trees contrast strangely with an aeroplane of most modern type that is just droning over.

Coming to earth, in the middle distance can be seen the mounds marking the graves of Roman dead - killed in some attack on or sally from the fortress where now we sit.


Letters from Vera & Muriel, Mother & Laura.



Mrs C Paterson

12 Mundania Rd

Forest Hill Rd

Honor Oak.


Alexandre Papadopoulo


Maison J Brillet Fils & Co.




HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (45)

 12.8.16 Didn’t go out. Nothing doing

 13.8.16. Wrote Elaine.

Went to Kimpton & spent evening Sing-song at P. Office with Cpl Watt.

 14.8.16  Didn’t go out. Put through orders as A/Cpl. Wrote mother & Laura. Wrote Miss Pearce.

 15.8.16. Went to Kimpton & long walk with Cpl Watt. Applied for transfer to Artillery.

 16.8.16. Went to Mooltan Barracks. Miles out.

 17.8.16. Letter from Min.

In evening went to see an aeroplane that had come down just over the hill. French machine. Pilot wasn’t there. Examined it thoroughly. Took pilots place


18.8.16. Letters from Nan & Elaine. Parcel from Lucy.


19th  Letters from Min (photo) & Miss Murray-Prior. Cpl Watt, Chissy & I went to get a car to go to Stonehenge. Just about 100 yds from camp a Ford passed us & stopped to our hail. We took it and went down to Mooltan for Miles. Then picked him up & went over to Stonehenge.

Had a very pleasant drive through Amesbury, Bulford etc.

Stonehenge is a bit disappointing after the Pyramids, Sphinx, Ramesis statue etc, but one realizes the size & age of it later. One stone 100 yds or so away throws its shadow just on to the altar stone at sunrise on 21st June each year.

We offered up Chissy on the sacrificial


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (46)

             stone, and came away & had tea in Amesbury. Very pleasant afternoon indeed.

 20.8.16 Wrote Min, Lucy (start) & Elaine.

Went to church at Kimpton. Went in to supper at the P.O. Very nice people indeed.

 21.8.18 Wrote Madame & Mother.

 22.8.16. Went to see Mac.

 23.8.16. Chissy, Watty, Whet, Mac & I went to the Garrison Theatre to see “My Lady Frayle”. Third time I’ve seen it. Very good indeed. Met McBean & Percy Mallett

Got pass for Saturday.

 24.8.16  Card to Min. Letters from Mother, Laura & Queenie & Mrs Frier.

Sent “The Strafer - Strafed” to Pearsons.


25.8.16 Concert in the camp. Miles came over and said he’s under orders for France Sunday. Pretty good concert. Letter from Elaine.

 26.8.16. Went to Birmingham. Spent an hour in Cheltenham. Pretty little town. Got to Birm about 8.15. All very well. Got a pair of light boots.

 27.8.16. Went into 1st Southn Genl H in afternoon. Saw Sister Devlin. Went in morning to Cannon Hill Park. Saw very old house in which Rogers, who translated first Eng. Bible, was educated.

Went to Smith’s in evening. Very enjoyable time indeed. Mrs Smith very nice & also Enid, Evelyn, Gwen & Madge. & Mick (John Vernon.) Jeff is a Lieutenant A.S.C. Walked home.

 28.8.16. Wattie passed “Fit for General Service


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (47)

 Took Min down town. Went to see Cis White & Darkey.

Left by 5.40 from New St.

 29.8.16. Wrote Min, Elaine & Mrs Tardif. Letter from Laura & Mrs Warr.

 30.8.16 Letter from Mr Warr. Wrote Mrs Smith (Brum) & P.C. to Ena.

 31.8.16. Letter from Queenie. Went to “Within the Law” at the Garrison theatre. Very good. With Cpl Watt, Cpl Pavey.


1.9.16  Applied for O.T.C. Wrote Muriel, Mother & Laura. Letter from Laura Tardif. Wrote May Kendall, Mrs Warr.

 2.9.16. Wrote Mrs Tardif

Letter from Miles. Sent “The Strafer Strafed” to Pearsons.

 3.9.16 Letter from Min. Went to church in evening & to supper at Kimpton



4.9.16. Wrote Mrs Holloway.

5.9.16. Nothing special. Heard of George Worland, met Les Reid

6.9.16  Letter from Mrs Warr, Mrs Smith (Birm.) Elaine. Wrote Mother, Lucie Charles & Grace Dowling. Sent mushrooms to Mrs Tardif.

7.9.16 Letters from Queenie, Mr Paul & Mother & Min. Wrote Mother, Nan Barbour, Grace Charlwood & Miss Murray Prior.

Transfer to Artillery came thro.

8.9.16  Wrote Mac & Queenie. Letter from Mac & Mrs Tardif. Wrote Elaine.

9.9.16. Wrote Mrs Frier, Min, Mr Warr, Laura Tardif

10.9.16. Went to Kimpton.


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (48)


11.9.16. Letter from Ena. Wrote 4 Misses Smith & Mother.

12.9.16. Wrote Mrs Warr. Letter from Mother & Mrs Frier.

13.9.16. Letter from Mrs Holloway. Wrote Frank Green. Letter from May Kendall.

14.9.16  Letter & photo from Queenie, ditto Ena. Letter from Miss Pearce & Laura. Wrote Mrs Tardif. Arranged to go to Park House on Monday.

Wrote to Les Winters & Mrs Stone

15.9.16. Went to theatre with Chissy, Spencer, Shalty & Whet. Met Lieut Marshall.

16.9.16  Letter from Marj Tardif. Went to Swindon. Not much of a time. Wrote Queenie & Marg



17.9.16. Letters from Min, Daisy Deacon, Mother & Laura & Mrs Warr

Wrote Mother, Mrs McBride, & Mrs Holloway.

18.9.16. Letter from Bertha Baker.

Got car from Perham Down about 3.30 p.m. Got to Park House camp about 5 p.m.

19.9.16. Officer said I’d be going into an artillery school. P.C. to Min, Nell Frier & Mother. Very cold & wet.

Had .4 filled. Took down my stripes.

20.9.16. Wrote May Kendall, Elaine. Letters from Mac, Nell, Mrs Tardif, Nan Barbour & Mr McBride. Was put on fatigue for being late for parade. Went to Command Depot. Len


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (49)

            & Whet & Chissy on draft tomorrow.

Wrote Mrs Warr.

21.9.16. Nothing special

Inlying picquet

22.9.16. MacDougal & I went out in evening to flying ground. Watched many planes land & rise - 15 in the air at one time. Worth seeing.

23.9.16. Letters from Madge, Gwen, Evelyn & Enid Smith. Went to Mooltan Barracks to see Sgt Harrington - away.

24.9.16. Went to Church Parade. Saw Les Harding & Shorty Jackson.

Went with McDougall to Mooltan & the Command Depot. Wrote Elaine

25.9.16  Fatigue - Cleaning windows. Turned out in marching order. King coming to Bulford to review us


on Wednesday. He’d be shocked if he heard some of the things said by the boys about him.

Wrote Min.

26th. Marching order again. Raining.

Wrote Mother.

27th. Review by King. On guard so didn’t go

Wrote Mrs Tardif & Marj & Elaine. Letter from Ena

28th.9.16. Letter from Mrs Warr. Wrote Moore

29.9.16. Went to Perham Down.

30.9.16. Went to Mooltan Bks.

About midnight Harry Brighton & some others came in with 2 ducks & some cabbages they’d pinched. Woke to find the ducks, which they thought they’d



HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (50)

            killed, cavorting round the room, scattering blood & feathers. Killed them after an exciting chase.

Met Major Chambers.


1.10.16. Clock retarded an hour. On church parade. Letters from Elaine, Trix & Moore. Parcel from Mrs Frier. Sent parcel to Nancy

2.10.16. Wrote to Mrs Frier & Mother.

3.10.16  Wrote Queenie & Ena

Evening. Just now 4 of the boys are cooking 5 rabbits which they snared today, for supper. 3 couples are dancing to the mouth organ of another. One other is writing, one playing patience, & one has a headache & is trying to sleep it off.


4.10.16. Wrote Marj & Min. Letter from Marj.

Stew of 4 rabbits in evening. N.T.B.

 5.10.16. Muriel’s birthday. Wrote Trix & Muriel  Wrote Elaine.

 6.10.16. Letters from Min, Mother, Frank Green, May Kendall & Emily Barnel Wrote.

 7.10.16. Letters from Queenie & Mrs Warr. Went to P. Down.

 8.10.16. Wrote Min & Rea Dowling

 9.10.16 Wrote Mrs Warr.

 10.10.16 Letter from Laura. Wrote Laura, Grace Fensham, George Lockyer & Maney.

 11.10.16  Wrote Mac, Nell Frier, Letter from Mac


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (51)

 12.10.16. Wrote Len Uren, Chissy etc.

 13.10.16. Letters from Mrs Warr

Wrote Mrs Warr. On gun drill - N.T.B. Pretty strenuous. Wrote Bert Dawson, Nan Barbour & Mother

 14.10.16 Went to Bhurtpore for pay book.

Wrote Daisy Coveney.

 15.10.16. Went to Perham Down & Kimpton. Tea at P.O. & supper at Kimpton. Very nice.

 16.10.16. Wrote Miss Pearce. Voting on conscription. Wrote Uncle Vern.


17.10.16  Parcel from Mrs Warr. Knicker for Bobbie. Wrote Mother. On the guns. Wrote May Kendall, Mr McBride & Willie McBride. Letter from E Charlwood.

 18.10.16. Letters fromMother & Gwen Smith.

On the guns.

Wrote Min, Glad Smith, Mrs Warr & Bertha.

 19.10.16. Letter from Min. Wrote to Min & Mother. Letter from Mother.

 20.10.16. Letters from Mrs Tardif, Elaine & Dolly Barnett.

 21.10.16. Letter from Min.

Published F's Fancies

 22.10.16  Nothing Spec. Letter from Madame Calonne.

 23.10.16  Letter from Mrs Frier

Saw plane fall - man killed

 24.10.16 Transferred to Bulford. N.T.B. Wrote Elaine & Min & Mother.


 HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (52)

 25.10.16  Wrote to Min  Elaine, Sgt Watt. Nothing special doing

 26.10.16  Letters from Bertha & Nell. Wrote Mrs Warr. Went to N.Z. band concert

 27.10.16  Wrote E Charlwood, Mother, Mavis, Frank Green

 28.10.16. Wrote Min & Alb Burge. Went to Lark Hill

 29.10.16  Went to Park House. Cut out 3’.

Letter from Marj. Tardif  Went to church and communion

Wrote Emily Barnett.

 30.10.16. Wrote Mrs Frier & Naomi. Parcel (cake & toffee) from Mrs Frier.

Started at signalling school

 31.10.16  Letter from Min. Wrote cousin Alice


1.11.16  Wrote W.Meyer, M Kirsten, Biddy Jones, Mr Healy, Ern, Nell Frier.


2.11.16  Getting on all right with signalling. Concert in evening.

 3.11.16. Letters from Mother, Laura, Vera & Marj King. Went to Fellowship Meeting.

 4.11.16  Sent coins to S.Simmons 272 High St, Plumstead.

In the evening after most of the boys were in bed, they started pulling the beds apart (little iron affairs about a foot high) & made in two pieces which slide together.

Things were pretty lively, specially when two of them started wrestling with hands blackened.

Went over to Larkhill in morning.

 5.11.16 Raining. Got out of bed for breakfast & back again. Stayed in bed all day. Wrote Mother & Marj.

 6.11.16. Cards to Emily Jackson, Maney, Maude Petersen.


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (53)

7.11.16. Wrote Min. Letters from Elaine, Mrs Warr & Ena

8.11.16  Letters from Vera, wrote Min.

9.11.16. Went to Tidworth & P Downs

Letter from Mother. Wrote to Mr Ashby, Herb Misdale, Mrs Robb.+. Drew. 35/-  Got duplicate pay book.

10.11.16. Letters from Rev. GW.Paice, Mabel Fuller, Min, Ern Gribble & Laura. P.C. to Min

11.11.16  Went to Perham Down. Met all the boys again. Slept in Sergts. Quarters with Lyndon Watt.

12.11.16  Walked back from P.D. Called at YMCA - Bhurtpore Barracks. Heard violinaste. Good. Wrote Mother.

13.11.16. Went to Larkhill to hear concert. Met Major Williams. Very nice indeed.


14.11.16 Letter from Mother.

Went to Rollestone to concert.

15.11.16  Wrote Mother, Nell & Min. Letters from Min & Mrs Warr.

Went to Larkhill to Conc.

16.11.16  Wrote Mrs Warr. Letter from Queenie  Wrote Elaine & Queenie

17.11.16. Nothing special

18.11.16  Letters from Mother, Laura & Mrs Stubbs. Wrote May Kendall & Mr McBride  Went to concert in evening. Wrote Min

19.11.16  Went to concert to hear violin played by Miss Naomi Rosanne, 44 Southwold Main, Elgin Crt. Maida Vale  Bns.6.

20.11.16. Letters from Nell & Marj. On Lamp Work


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (54)

 21.11.16  Letters from Laura Tardif, Miss Pearce, Mr McBride & Mrs Warr, P.C. to Mrs Warr, Frank Green,

 22.11.16. Letters from Glad and Rena Dowling. Wrote Gwen Smith & Nan Barbour.

Night work.

 23.11.16  On wire laying at night.

Wrote Madame Calonne & Mrs Warr.

 24.11.16  Letter from Min.

 25.11.16  Got 8.45 train to London. Called at Anzac Buffet. Met Allan Edmonds. Met Mrs Harvie at Waterloo. Got 2.37 train to Ewell. Mr & Mrs Warr & Tim very nice indeed. Enjoyed myself thoroughly.


Stredwick  Mrs W

Nunn St, Benalla  Vic

 26.11.16. Went for walk. Very nice quiet Sunday. Got 10.8 train back to Bulford

Got home about 2 a.  Hard frost.

 27.11.16  Letters from Mrs Warr & Mrs Frier

Sent silver badge to Queen, Mrs Warr, Plume to Tim & book to Mr Warr.

All the signallers refused to go on parade in night.

 28.11.16. Letters from Bertha & Gribble.

Nothing much happened about refusing last night, except lecturette. Wrote Mac.

 29.11.16  Letter from Min, Nan Barbour, Elaine, Mother, Grace Dowling (2) May King (2) Uncle Ted, Eva, Muriel.

Wrote Mrs Warr, Nan Barbour, Elaine, Nell Frier, Frank Green. about Mac OK


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (55)

 29.11.16. Letter from Mrs Warr. Wrote Min  Went to service at Wesleyan

 30.11.16. Wrote Nell Frier & E. Charlwood. Went to AMC Concert. Good.

 1.12.16. Played billiards in evening. Nothing special. Wrote Mr Short

 2.12.16. Nothing special. March to Durrington

 3.12.16. Went to Fighldean & saw village blacksmiths forge & chestnut tree. Had tea & then went on to Flying School.

Spoke to Lieut Helpman about flight. Plane badly landing crashed into another machine. No hurt much.

Had discussion on logarithms. after going to Primitive Methodist Church. Wrote Trix.


4.12.16  Wrote to Mrs Frier.

 5.12.16. Nothing special. Letter from Mrs Warr & M.Calonne (H)

 6.12.16. Letters from Tom Warr, Marjery Boys, Mother (2) Laura, Emily & Charlie Jackson (cards) & Dolly Barnett (card)

 7.12.16. Wrote Marjorie Boys, Marj Tardif

Wrote Miss Pearce

 8.12.16  Thick fog.

 9.12.16  Wrote Mr McBride

Warned for draft about Tuesday next. No leave.

 10.12.16  Went to aerodrome. Lieut Helpman on leave. Disappointing. Had tea at Village Blacksmiths. Wrote Mrs Warr & Laura Tardif

 11.12.16  Wrote to Min & Mr Watt


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (56)


12.12.16  Issued boots etc. Wrote Mother.

13.12.16  Wrote Fred Grant.


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (57)

 (pressed leaves)

 S’no Achille Thomas

38 Rue Jacques





HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (58)

(pressed leaves)


(Empty pages)




HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (59)


(diary end notes)

 F Via

 Otello Vescia

 Maria Vescia

 VincenZina Vescia

 Dimando Vescia

 Domenico Vescia

 Singorno Vescia

 Alexandre Papadopoulo

 J Bullet Fil




HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (60)



HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (61)


Mrs W Banks.

65 Godinton Rd, Ashford. Kent.

Mr R. Whyte. 51 King Henry’s Rd  NW

I. G. Sleep. 24 Summer Rd

Edington. Brum



HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (62)


(diary end notes)



1 pt soda to 2 ˝ parts Cream of S.


2 teaspoonfulls of mixture to one pint flour. Mix very thoroughly. Small teaspoonful good fat with each pint. ˝ pt water to 1 pt flour. Into hot oven or coals. 4 pt damper 35 minutes


M    minim

ZI     drachm or teaspoon

ZII    dessert

Zss   table

ZI     oz

ZIV   4 ozs

OI    pint

CI    gallon


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (63


(diary end notes)


W Piper

… Plat

… Battn



Morko Boulos

Der Alou Stefan

Old Cairo


S’no Achille Thomas

34 Rue Jacques (Delelle)






J P Joyce



New Zealand


T W Scott

c/o R & E Tingay


N.Z.W PiperW


O. Henly

Bank of Australasia


New Zealand


D A Smith

55 Nairn St


N Z.


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