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1914 - 1919

Diary No.3 Part A
from 21st June 1915 to 6th July 1916
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HFW War Diary No.3, cover

HFW War Diary No.3, cover

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (1)

Started 22nd June 1915

No.2 Field Ambnce.

Are it arbique
… sent on the way to
Cape Hellas Dardanelles
… …
… 1915

Tuesday 22nd June 1915

Nothing …
Patty & …

Wednesday 23rd  …
Sid Low, Laura ,,,
Wrote to Bert B…,
Mother. Man …
arm blown off …
at headquarters … …
W swimming Post …
by … … Heard of Ray.
Commenced serial …
“the Dinkum Oil” (mixed code - possibly includes the word Eunuch)
or The Pride of (mixed code - the Harem)

Thursday 24th.  Shelling A F.S. reply close 3 shots.
Wrote 2 parodies for First Aid Post.

Friday 25th. Nothing special. Shell landed 12 yds away.

Saturday 26  Letters from Mother & Muriel. Howitzer shots going over. Another shell into Kennedy’s dug out - no one home. On Guard 11 pm to 3 am. Wrote In Mem. Ray.

Sunday 27. Heavy shrapnel fire from back towards trenches. Not awake properly but most seemed to explode about 20 to 100 yds further on. Another shell landed into Lew Solomon’s dug out

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (2) (June 1916)

      not at home, percussion shrapnel. It’s marvellous that not one of the three have done more than knock holes in blankets & kick up a stink.  

PC to Grace Dowling.

Shrapnel pellets and … trenches from Eddie … … pretty well spent. Howitzer shells going over towards Shrapnel Gully.

Monday 28th. Spirit of … abroad. Much bombardment at Cape. Destroyer shelled … Hill. An attack made about 10 a.m. by our R. flank for the purpose of preventing Turkish reinforcements leaving to oppose a landing party further South.

Went up in stretcher squad. Moving killed & wounded. Took Turkish trench & retired again. Scotty Latimer reported killed. Harry Tonkins wounded.

Tuesday 29  Wrote Mother & Leon Fortier. Heavy bombardment of coast.

Wednesday 30  Dug-out work. Trix’s birthday.

Thursday 1st July. Nothing special.

Friday 2nd. Paraded sick. On Guard 7 - 11pm. Our Artillery got onto Turkish …

Saturday 3rd. On Hospital medicine. Good to have something to do.

Sunday 4th. Hospital. Mostly medical.

Monday 5th. Some … shells landed near Indians & in water - near headquarters - 11 inch.

Tuesday 6th. Hospital. One patient’s diagnosis “Funk”.

Wednesday  Wrote Mother. P.C. to Sid Low. Open on G.Fish

Thursday 8th  Hospital. Inoculated against cholera.

Friday 9  Hospital.

Saturday 10th    “    Finish.

Sunday 11th       “    Doris bombarded Turks R. Flank. Thomas hit. Went to 1st AMC. Church Service.

Monday 12th  Letters from Mother (2) Laura, Vera, Miss Kuster, Patty, Mr Short. Very heavy bombardment of Achi Baba from Cape Helles. On shifting sandbags.

Tuesday 13th  Letters from Mother, Laura. Vera & Mrs Stubbs

Wednesday 14  Wrote Mother, Laura & Mrs Stubbs.

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (3) (July)

Thursday 15th  (mixed code = sanitary) fatigue. One of a party carrying posts and corrugated iron towards 1st A.M.C. had close call. Abdul on our left in Olive Grove commenced slinging shells just this side of cemetery. The first was much too high & burst on shore 100 yds further on. The next landed in the middle of the party but missed all except one man, whom it lifted and threw forward, doing no further damage than a wound in finger & arm & shock.
Yesterday another who was carrying water strolled into hospital after one of Abdul’s had burst over him. One pellet had cut the instep of his boot, another punctured the loose hanging sleeves & a third taken a snick out of his thigh while the can he carried was riddled. On water carrying in evening.

Friday 16th. Water in evening warm and phosphorescent. Every move of the hands made it appear as though thousands of sparks streamed from the knuckles & tips. Paper from Mother.

Saturday 17th. Tanlie dropped a bomb near Hell’s Point, result fish for Sunday breakfast.

Sunday 18th  Wrote to Muriel, P.C.’s to (5) May King, W. Meyer, Uncle …, Maude Petersen.

Monday 19  Letters from Onie & Mr Paul. Nothing spec.

Tuesday 20    “

Wednesday 21  Wrote Mr Thornton, Q.M. of Staty Hosp. Ghezira Palace, Cairo and Mother. Wrote Mr Stephens.

Thursday 22. On duty up gully till 10 p.m.
P.C. Alf Quinn

Friday 23rd.  Violent pain in upper abdomen. Temp 102.4 Reported sick. Mag sulph 3VI. Pains gone in about an hour, leaving soreness to touch & absolute inability to keep anything down for two full

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (4) (July)

    days - not even water.

Saturday 24th  Reported again 102.4 same M.S.
(Parcel from Mother. Pocket Bk. chocolate, flag & handkerch.)

Sunday 25th  Chambers M.O. feeling very dry, no fluids for 2 days 101

Monday 26th. 102.4  Went down to clearing at 8.30 a.m. While waiting at Clearing Station saw Turkish shell blow chaps leg off at knee - also complicated fract of femur & another pellet in kneecap all from same shell.
Got aboard barge with about 100 others. No room to move. To stand up or sit down one had to stand on someone else. Some shells were coming over too. After of an hour or so we were towed out to hosp. ship - cast loose another barge there & went on to Fleet sweeper about noon. No room here to move about & not

     much shade. The fellows are very obliging to one another, but the arrangements are terrible for sick men.

Got to Lemnos Is at sundown. Hardly walk up to hospital. Got into English Hosp.

Very poor arrangements. No blankets.

Slept first night in open without overcoat or undershirt. Temp abt 103.

Tuesday 27  On milk diet. Can’t touch it. Luckily struck some broth in village.

Tasted a fish & some egg in evening. Got a blanket, razor & towel

Wednesday 28th  Wrote Mother.

Feeling very weak indeed. Temp not been taken since arrival. Some beef extract in the

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (5) (July)


Thursday 29. Still hard to walk far. Beef extract somewhat tasteless.

Friday 30. The same. No temp taken yet. About 9 went to village after dinner coffee & water. 2 light boiled eggs. Pretty tired.

Saturday 31. Pretty tired. Nothing doing all day

Sunday 1st Aug. My happy 22nd birthday. Went to village after tea. Met Roger Stredwick. Got spoon, sponge & mirror. Hardly a happy birthday.

2nd Aug. Nothing special.

3rd Aug    “    “

Wednesday 4th. Wrote to Mother and Frank. Am being sent down to base today. Be some chance of recovering there. Too many to send all away today.

Thursday 5th. No more for base - disappointing.

Friday 6th. Wrote Miles. Shifted from one tent to another 3 times. Told to be ready to go & then stayed night.

Saturday 7th Aug. 1915. Cleared from Lowlands Clearing Hosp. to 15th Staty. Shifted from tent to another in afternoon.

Sunday 8th. Shifted back to first marquee during breakfast to make room for number of wounded, who told us Achi Baba has fallen and our line advanced considerably all along, including Kaba Tepi end. Hear that Warsaw has fallen to the Germans.

Sooner I get back to Anzac the better.

Sunday 8th. Pretty miserable day. Nothing doing.

Monday 9th. Sent to convalescent camp just before lunch. Good dinner. Crowded marquee.

Tuesday 10th. Wrote Mother. Put on light duties, to be guarding Turkish prisoners, most likely. Get back soon tho. Walked to island in bay. Couldn’t sleep owing to live stock.

Wednesday 11th  Up at 4 a.m. Went to Austn. pier, back to other pier & then stopped from going owing to being

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (6) (August)

… … making me
… … … she was
… aground. Some
… and some aft &
… a struggle she
… … out. Waited
… motor lorry and
… back to conval. camp.

Hear 2nd Brigade to be relieved. Went & had feed of grapes.

Thursday 12th. To go back to duty tomorrow. Went to Mudros and got some paper & envelopes, matches, soup packets, tomatoes & vinegar.

Friday 13th. Walked to Mudros at 12.30 pm pack weighed heavy with food etc & maize cobs. Lost the crowd & got to boat early - had a swim. Got aboard HMS Partridge at 3.30 pm. On the way back to Anzac now.

Sat 14th. Anchored off Anzac last night about 10, just in range of spent bullets. Couldn’t sleep owing to live stock.

Disembarked about 3 a.m. Found tent div have taken over dressing station on beach and bearers

       are moving up shrapnel gully today. Didn’t like stray bullets as passed the cemetery - too close & not used to them. Saw O.C. in afternoon.

Sunday 15th  Saw O.C. in morning and he sent me to 1st F.Amb. hosp - back to own old camp.

Monday 16th. Beachy Bill still a nuisance.

P.C. to Mother. Letters from Mother (3) Laura (2) Trix (2) Maude Petersen, Vera, Muriel, Lucy, Emily Barnett, May King.

Tuesday 17th  Discharged from 1st Fd Amb. Got some rations and am living in old dug out till Friday. Feeling well.

Wednesday 18th. Wrote Mother.

Nothing doing. Beachy Bill sent some high explosive shells into A.S.C. No one hurt apparently. Two aeroplanes up this morning & one now - different & bigger.

Thursday 19th. Quiet. Went up to 11th Light Horse and met Miles. He’s looking very well.

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (7) (August)

Friday 20th … from
… … … … … sox
… … paste & brush
… … peppermint,
… mosquito net, etc.
… welcome. On duty
… 7.30 pm. Took it easy.

Saturday 21st. Nothing special. On duty 7.30 p.m.

About 10 p.m. there occurred a loud explosion. While we speculated on the cause and pieces of metal flew into the hospital there was a cry “stretcher bearers” and wounded began to arrive.

At the bomb factory a mule had kicked a box of bombs. Result 2 killed outright, 2 others probably die & 9 others more or less seriously wounded. 2 mules killed. One of the men killed was on the beach 100 yds or more from bomb factory.

Sunday 22nd  Went to old dug out.

3 of our guns started a duel with one of theirs - Weary Willie I think, so had to cook tea there.

Monday 23rd.  …

Mother, … … …
Ashby, 2nd … …
On duty 7.30 - … …
much except sick …

Tuesday 24th. … …
Beachy Bill very quiet. Nothing doing. Not feeling up to much. Duty 7.30 pm - …

Wednesday 25. Wrote Mother & Vera.

Thursday 26th. Duty 7.30 a.m. - 7.30 p.m. Meline injection twice.

Letters from Biddy, Laura and Ben & Maney. Afraid I’ll have to go away again. Not up to much. Wrote Q.M. No.1 G.H.Heliop F.S.P.C. to Alf Quennell

Friday 27th. Paraded sick. Put on Bism sal gr X and clove pdrs gr V 6 hrly & emeline injection. Met Miles going to Mudros - sick. D. off duty am attack on extreme left. Hill W to be taken.

Saturday 28 Paraded sick. Sent to Mudros. Drew 1 altered ticket to Base. On board Devantra about 3.30. Bread & butter for tea. Put on to milk diet. Beef tea & bread & butter due to

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (8) (August)

… … … … pm
… … … much thick matter
… … or 11 a.m. on
… … … and went
… … … Put in barb.
… enclosure to keep in
… wounded. Milk
… managed a feed
… going up.

Monday 30th  Milk(?) & bread for breakfast and dinner. Sent by M.O. to ship for base at 2.30 p.m. Met Miles going to Mudros. Got aboard hospital ship Valdivia at about 4 p.m. Milk and bread and butter for tea - hardly recognised taste of butter but was most welcome. In beds with sisters. Cup of cocoa & biscuit at 7.30 pm. we’ve struck a home worth staying in at last.

 Too good to last tho’, I’m afraid. Everything perfectly clean and well fitted up.

Tuesday 31st. Porridge bread & butter, milk and eggs for breakfast. It’s a home, all right. Sailed for Mudros. Dinner beef tea, bread & sago. Lemon juice in afternoon. Sisters very nice. Wrote Mother

Wednesday 1st. F.J.P.C. to Mother. Good treatment. Feeling much


Thursday  … …
6 a.m. Went … …
the Huntsend - nee Lutzon … …
and face … …

Milk only for dinner.

Got a loaf from bar
man Ted(?) and …
& strawberry jam. Hog…

Looking for a chance to buy sugar later fell in with 2 coal trimmers and a pint of custard - firm & cool. To meet trimmers tomorrow morning for sugar 8.15. Got some choc from canteen. Boxer friend of Mile’s turned up with … … later - delicious.

Friday 3rd Sept. Breakfast. Tea(?) bread & butter & - rice, of all things, no sugar. Trimmers not there. Friends with young cook & baker. Cook promised sugar 7.45 tonight. Got some toast & mashed potatoes from … galley.

Boxer turned out with two more cakes from a friend in crew. Boat damaged by torpedo yesterday. Few casualties.

Yesterday as we got clear of the Valdivia, a smaller steamer crossed our bows, stopping us

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (9) (September)

… … … … to close
… … … … … Their
… … … … ... warks
… … away a canvas
… … ...able boat of
… … and damaged
… … Some damage
… to both our & their
… … ... warks etc. In
... aring the bows the
sterns came together and one lifeboat was carried away and another collapsible dropped later. Fault of small steamer.

Friday 3rd. (cont) Sailed at about 7 pm. for Malta

Saturday 4. Nothing special.

Sunday 5th.     “        “

Monday 6th. Arrived at Malta in early morning. M.O. went round making list of those who were to go ashore. Primrose, Box and myself were listed. Spoke to M.O. he very kindly allowed me to remain.

Tuesday 7th. Many convalescents went ashore. The harbour is beautiful, with small ferry steamers slipping about - touching for an instant at a quay and then away to another branch of the harbour. Fare . They can go right

    to the doors of many of the houses, the sides of the harbour going straight down to a good depth - apparently quite enough to float any vessel.

The many brightly painted gondola-like boats, with high bow and stern, together with the shops and houses and steps right to the water’s edge, make the whole place a miniature of what one pictures Venice to be.

 The towns themselves - there are more than the capital, Valetta, on the branches of the Grand Harbour - are built in terraces, the roofs of one level with the roadway above.

Got fine cake & blancmange from baker. P.C. Muriel.

Wednesday 8. The whole town opposite us is yellow with an occasional shading into gray, and here & there a touch of the dark green of some tree.

Tug took bodies of two died on way over. Got some jelly from baker.

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (10) (September)

Thursday 9th. Sailed at 6 a.m.

On one side of the entrance are large concrete forts - while on the other a big gun shows on a large mound of earth with entanglements at the bottom.

Round the coast there are numerous forts and other fortifications.

One man in our ward died about 11.30 a.m. Not nearly enough attention given him for one who was seriously ill. Another died this afternoon. Sister not much good.

Got some bread pudding & custard. Passed large island off port side.

Friday 10th. One engine broke down last night, not doing 8 knots now. Land to port and large steep island with cathedral spire peak - height greater than breadth - to starboard.

Saturday 11th. Land to port - probably African coast.

Sunday 12th. In sight of Gibralta about 3 p.m.

School of porpoises met us mile out.

Coming from the East, the first thing noticeable

    about the Rock - after a lighthouse - is a huge bluegrey concrete slope extending halfway or more up and hundreds of feet in length. This evidently to prevent breaking away of parts of the rock.

On each of the three points is an observing station & wireless - like ancient castles. To each of these an aerial rope railway runs from the beach.

At the waters edge are docks, shipbuilding yards, coal wharfs (protected by 4, 4 inch guns each end) etc.

On the first flat are the main wireless stations, searchlights, ammunition stores etc. A little higher are the barracks, houses of the people etc. There’s not sufficient room to put all the barracks on streets, so they are put wherever theres a ledge.

Various guns are wherever there’s a space. Specially noticeable are three big guns on concrete platforms - one on lowest level, one

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (11) (September)

    half way up & one on the pinnacle. There are no bumboats here, but very many fish in the harbour.

Monday 13th. Got away in evening. Wrote to Laura … …

Tuesday 14th. Nothing special. A bit seasick.

Wednesday 16th. Nothing doing.

Thursday 16th. Into the bay later in day.

Friday 17th. Passed the Eddystone lighthouse about midday. A couple of TBD’s escorted us.

Saturday 18th. Arrived at Portsmouth early morning. Numbers of TBD’s about harbour. Naturally the Tommies are boisterously happy. Parts of the harbour side are very pretty - something like Studley Park River bank, not so pretty when the tide went out leaving a strip of mud.

Sunday 19th. Entrained on quay at 10.30 a.m. After shunting about for a while we started for Birmingham. All

along the line were people - nearly all women & children - cheering like mad.

The country is greener than any I’ve seen before - all over a clean fresh look. The roads - lanes one would call them, I suppose - are sunk below the level of the paddocks, which are very small & bounded by hedges everywhere. The lanes are often practically covered overhead with trees. Specially noticeable were the - often large - clumps of trees, oak planes & others. These almost completely roof the fields, growing so close together that it appears as if one could walk on them - beautifully green.

Saw also a herd of deer & some waterwheels. In the towns the houses are built in huge terraces, street after street of them, two story, slate roofs.

We had some soup at Exeter - 11 hours after a very light breakfast.

At a suburban station of Birmingham we were put into private

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (12) (September)

    motors and driven through lines of applauding populace to a hospital 5 or 6 miles out. The electric trams are an enormous height, top as well as the lower story being covered in, and narrow gauge.
This place is an enormous building, and the beds most comfortable. Arrived here at 10 p.m. Had some real cow’s milk & a bath. Think we shall get on well here.

20th. Monday - Hospital called 1st Southern General Hospital - Dudley Rd Section. Birmingham treatment is excellent & feeding very good.

(a viewer has suggested this link to an interesting site about the hospital)

Tuesday 21st. Weighed 9st 3 lb (58.8 kilo). Lost 3 st 5 lb (21.0 kilo) since Egypt, sent letter to Laura, P.C. to Mother & wrote for B.Esp. & BSA catalog.

Wednesday 22nd. Nothing special - put on light diet. Started letter to Stella

Thursday 23 - Wrote Mother, Pretty Hungry. Catalog from BSA Co.

Friday 24th. Note from Florence M. Herbert, Rotton Park Conservative & Constitutional Club - Barford Rd. Birm. “to the one the nurse

       likes best” - saying willing to visit. Wrote & sent her pass. Wrote Horlicks Malted Milk, Birmingham P.O. for cable rates, for tooth paste & Clarke & Co - gun catalog.

Saturday. 26th. Wrote Mrs Priestley, Fred Larth, Mrs & Mr Herbert came. Very nice people indeed. Left 6 eggs, cigarettes, cigars, choc & flowers and were really sociable. Asked me to stay there on furlough.

Monday 27th. Got some chocolate, wrote Mrs Herbert.

Tuesday 28th. Sample of Calox, mem from P.O. & P.C’s for Miles & myself from Mrs & Mr Herbert. Letter from Horlicks. Wrote for O'atine S.Soap etc.
Sent cable “Scripsimus Melb. Miles myself well - Winters”. 4/6. On diet D5, Fish, went for  a bit of a walk

Wednesday 29th. Wrote Mother. Mrs Herbert came. Brought cigs, choc, cake & sugar. Chicken for dinner. Sample from Horlicks.
WEIGHED 9-13lb (63.5 kilo)

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (13) (September)

Thursday 30th. Bisto sample … diet. Went to concert by theatre artists, not bad.

Friday 1st. Nothing spec.

Sat 2nd. Letter from Mrs Herbert & PC. to Miles.

Sunday 3rd. Church at 9.15. Mrs Herbert & Mr came in afternoon. Brought cigs, choc, sausages saus. roll’s, cake, flowers & matches. Very pressing invitation to spend some of leave with them. Rec. for Conv. Home. Church in evening.

Monday 4th. Nothing special.

Tuesday 5th. Wrote Mrs Herbert.

Wednesday 6th. Mrs Herbert came. Brought tobac. cigs. cigars, cake, sugar, sweets & eggs. Wrote Muriel.

Thursday 7th.  Wrote Mother

Friday 8th. Weighed - 10-6 (66.7 kilo)

Saturday 9  Nothing special

Sunday 10th. Mr & Mrs Herbert came, they are very good.

Monday 11th  Wrote Frank & Eddie.

Tuesday 12th. Nothing spec. Wrote Mrs Herbert.

Wednesday 13th. Mrs Herbert came 10.30 a.m. … aff. farewell. Motor to station. Train 11.45 a.m. Country very fine. Roads curve very much. A Zeppelin raid on London in evening. Shrapnel & searchlights visible.

Thursday 14th. Wrote Miles, Mrs Herbert & Mother. Went to Hoxton hospital for L eye.

Friday 15th. Nothing spec. Wrote Phil Austin.

Sat 16th. Wrote Patty & Maude Petersen & Mrs Herbert. Went to Dentist. Letters & Parcel from Mrs Herbert

Sunday 17th. Wrote Amy, T Cook & Son. Service in evening

Monday 18th. Wrote L.G.O. Co. & Miss Whichells & Aust office

Tuesday 19th  Wrote Grace Dowling

Wednesday 20th  Went to concert in evening - good.

Thursday 21st  Went to see Uncle Tom, Previs Kukajo  (Esperanto = baker's shop/cake shop beforehand). Then to London - … had tea in Harl St. Good to have a civilized meal again. The tubes are wonderful. One can’t get lost in London - just

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (14) (October)

    get into the tube & go till you get into station wanted. Went to Science Museum. Saw the Rocket, Puffing Billy, Sans Pareil, Bess & other old engines as well as working models of modern engines. Had to come home without a ticket - only had 1 1/2d. Maps from L.G.O.Co. Wrote Mother. Weighed 11st 12 lb. (75.3 kilo)

Friday  22nd  Nothing special.
Amy out but could not find me. Left 2 books of Trine’s.

Sat 23rd. Wrote Amy. Concert in evening.

Sunday 24th. Mess orderly.

Monday 25th. Went to Mrs Blake’s for tea. Very nice people indeed address Ashleigh Dorking.

Tuesday 26th. Letter from Miles. Wrote Mrs Blake & Mrs Herbert

Wednesday 27th    Went to Leatherhead to tea. Met Miss E Charlwood Hillcrest Fairfield Rd Leatherhead (morse = tres bonne). Letter from C’wealth offices about letters, etc.

Thursday 28th. Sent diary & letter to Mother. Rained all morning.


Friday 29th. Letter from L G Reid. Went to London very pleasant drive on bus. Went to Anzac Buffet, one of the best place I’ve ever struck. All the people were fine – most Australians, tea, sandwiches, cake, etc. free to Austns. Marie Lohr came & sang & recited. Very good. Other good items. Then they gave us reserved tickets for “Tonights the Night”. Geo Grossmith is a wonderful dancer. Got home about 1.45am.

Got address of hotel in London. Ardmay Private Hotel – 24 Woburn Place – just above Russell Square and of Somerset House. Mrs Tavendan, Pyrland Taunton recommended by Ruth N. Price


Saturday. Went to tea to Mr Warr of Ewell. Very nice. Invite from Mrs Blake for same evening.


Sunday 31st.  Nothing spec it rained. Wrote Miss Charlwood that I’d be over

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (15) (October/November)


          tomorrow. Wrote Mrs Blake.


Monday 1st. Rained. Wrote Miles.


Tuesday 2nd. Went to House of Commons in afternoon. Saw room in which Cromwell signed death warrant of Charles I – room dates from 1310. Went to St Stephen’s Crypt, where MP’s can be married or have babies christened. Very fine curves to roof & bosses. Altar cover said to have been worked by Elizabeth & her ladies. Very fine stained glass windows. Saw the Parliamentary entry of Charles’ arrest of the five members & other trial of 7 bishops. 

Saw the Speakers procession & the mace. The despatch box near Prime Ministers chair is dented all over the top by a heavy ring worn by W G Gladstone who used to thump the box when speaking. 

Saw Lord Charles Beresford


    & Lord Fisher & other celebrities. Went to Stop Thief in evening.

Letter from Miss Charlwood.

 Wednesday 3rd Nov. Wrote Miss Charlwood. Letter from Mrs Young, St Aubyns, Dorking, inviting to tea tomorrow. Wrote her. Cable from home through C’wealth Office for particulars of me. Wrote Mother

 Thursday 4th. Went to Leatherhead Prenn fino Charlwood pon to mango. (Esperanto meaning unclear but concerning Miss Charlwood and a meal)  

(morse & other code = Had us a real good time)

Wrote & asked Mrs Herbert for …

 Friday 5th. Wrote Mrs Baron Harris.

 Sat 6th. Went on Pass. To London Hippodrome Push & Go. Good. Drew 1. Met Jock Tulloch & Jack Harding.

 Sunday 7th. Lent 2/-, 10/- from Min.

 Monday 8th. Went to L’head. Very nice. Sent back 10/- to Min.

 Tuesday 9th. On furlough


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (16) (November)

          Went to Ardmay Hotel. Lord Mayor’s Show. Very wet. Drew 5.

 Wednesday 10th. Went to B. Museum & Madame Taussauds. Drew kit. Went to Coliseum – very fine, specially Adeline Genee. Wrote Mother, Min,  Sgt. Jones & Miss Charlwood.

Thursday 11th. Went to Westminster Abbey in afternoon – not bad. Took Ena Charlwood to Push & Go in evening. Lingered over supper & missed last train. Had to take her home in a taxi to L’head (code = 3 shillings). Slept on couch in front room. Landlady a sport.

 Friday 12th. Came up from L’head. Went to United Services Museum in afternoon & to Anzac. Got bad & came home to bed at 7 p.m. Wrote Ena

 Saturday 13th. Went to Anzac in morning. Met Mr Warr at 1.45 at Charing Cross

Went to St Pauls. Wellingtons tomb & funeral carriage made from captured guns, Nelsons Tomb, Watts Light of the World, many other tombs & rang the bell


 in the tower:

The whispering gallery – in the dome – is 112 ft diameter, yet one can whisper from one side near the wall & it sounds much louder at the other side. The guide was in love with his subject & knew it perfectly.

Went to the Tower – could not get in though - & to London & the Tower Bridges. Saw part of original old Roman wall. Went to tea & then home with Mr Warr. Billiards. Letter from Ena


Sunday14th. Wrote Trix, Mr Warr, Bob Garnham. Went to Kingsway Hall to church.


Monday 15th. Will Moore went to Gloucester. At breakfast a N.Z. mentioned one of his mates losing his memory. I mentioned Sgt Hilliers on the Mashobra – “Yes, that’s the man”. Went through National Gallery in afternoon. Went to Kick In at the Vaudeville, not bad.

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (17) (November)


Westminster Abbey, Embankment

National Gallery, Museum, Tower of L
Woolwich Arsenal, Mint,
London Hippodrome,

Piccadily Corner house, Lyons CrH.


Tuesday 16th. Got 10 a.m. train to Edinburgh – pretty cold. Whole place covered with snow further up. Very fine lunch on train. Got to Edinburgh an hour late. Went to Soldiers & Sailors Home, very nice place. (morse = met May)


Wednesday 17th. Went to Edinburgh Castle. On the way met a gentleman who invited me to tea tomorrow. There was a fortress on the site of the castle B.C. but the oldest part standing dates from 1368. Just inside the first gate over the moat – there are seven altogether – is a fine parade ground, like the rest of the city & churches, it has many monuments to dead soldiers. Saw the house of John Knox, went to St Giles & Thistle Chapel – the finest oak carving I’ve ever seen – only

Mrs Ashby’s …
3 Milner …
Tony Eaton 

Nurse Amy Jackson
King George’s Hosp
Mr Hooper
St Hilda Church Sq
West Cliff
Whitby – York
Mrs Kate Deacon
Norton Way


          5 years old. In this church the Reformation started. In the castle is an old cannon – cast at Mons in Belgium in 1496. Saw crown jewels of Scotland & room where James I was born, etc., etc. 

The guide, an old veteran, was worth coming to see, a real Micawber,  breaking out into flowery language on every possible occasion. Went down to Holyrood Castle where there are very many relics of Mary, Queen

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (18) (November)

          Of Scots & James VI. Everything frozen hard. (morse = met May Kendal went out very nice).

Thursday 18th. Went to Forth Bridge. Walked over in 40 minutes. Wrote Mother & Lucy, went to Mr G M McBrides in evening. Very nice Christian family.

Friday. 19  Went to Art Gallery & to Craiglockhart skating pond. Wrote Min. Went by 10.20 p.m. train to Birmingham

Saturday 20h  Arrived B’ham 7 a.m. Went to Banford Rd (letters from Mother & Mr Warr)


Sunday 21st. Letter from May. Wrote back. Wrote G McBride. Went round B’ham. Went to see Miles in hosp.


Monday 22nd. Looked about. Went to

 theatre with Min in evening. Art Gallery in afternoon & Watties factory

 Tuesday 23rd Went to Miles in morning. Had photo taken. Caught 2.45 train to London. Slept at Whitehouse hotel in Woburn Place. Wrote Mother.

 Wednesday 24th. Tried for furlough extension, couldn’t get. Pretty miserable. Came to Abbeywood in afternoon. . Wrote Min & Ena.

Thursday 25th. Wrote Mr Campbell. Mess orderly.

 Friday 26th. Wrote Min & May. Nothing special. March at 11 a.m. & 2 p.m.

 Saturday 27th. March in morning – went to London, to Anzac Buffet.

 Sunday 28th. Wrote to G.P.O. & Mr Rust & Binnie

Went to Bexley Heath.

 Monday 29th. Sprained ankle. Drew 1. Letters from Mrs Warr, May, Min & Wattie & Olive. Wrote Mac

 Tuesday 30th. Wrote Miss Robb. Funeral of lad killed on Sat. night by motor car. Letter from Mr McBride & Ena

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (19) (December)

 Wednesday 1st Dec.15

Wrote Min & Ena & Mother.

 Thursday 2nd. Wrote Olive & Wattie. Letters from Mother, Miss Smith, Mrs Creed, & Min. Wrote Min. Book from Mr Amess

 Friday 3rd. Wrote Min. Got pass.

 Sat. 4th. Caught 2.40 to Birm. Had a good time in evening & all of

 Sunday 5th, Mac wasn’t there. Beaut. Turkey & cake of Macs. Good time.

 Monday 6th. Got 2.45 p.m. to London. Tube to Elephant & Castle & tram home. Letter from May. Wrote Min

 Tuesday 7th. Letters from Ena & Mac. Went out in evening. Wrot

 Wednesday 8th. Good concert by Welsh Singers. Paraded sick for ankle. Wrote Min & Mother

 Thursday 9th. Nothing special –

 Friday 10th. Letter & Photos from Min. Started to learn piano. Spent night putting drunks to bed

 Saturday 11th. Went to London. Nothing special. Letter from Min.

Sunday 12th. Wrote Mrs Warr Went to …

Parcel from Miss Robb – woollies

 Monday 13th. Wrote to Miss Robb & May. Applied for Xmas leave. Went out in evening Letters from Mr Banks sister, Amy, London GPO & Mac.

 Tuesday 14th. Wrote Mrs Peterson, Min, Mabel & Amy. Concert in evening.

 Wednesday 15th. Wrote Epsom P.O. Concert.

 Thursday 16th. Wrote mother. & Ena. Letter from Mr Warr & Mrs Paterson. Went out.

 Friday 17th. Letters from Robert Whyte – (friend of Mr Leigh) Mrs Stubbs, Laura & 2 from Mother. Wrote Min & Mrs Paterson & Mr Whyte

 Saturday 18th. Went to Abbywood – Viewlands Rd. Went out in evening

 Sunday 19th. Went to Mrs Paterson for afternoon & evening. Very nice people indeed.

 Monday 20th. Letter from Amy

Went to London

 Tuesday 21st. Letter from Mr Whyte and Ena. Wrote to Sgt Hardess & Nurse Barbour

 Wednesday 22. Wrote Mac & Min

On pass for Xmas. Went to Leatherhead. Wrote mother

HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (20) (December 1915)

 Thursday 23rd. Wrote mother. Came from Leatherhead. Letters from May & Hettie. Went to bed early.

 Friday 24th. Got pass & went to London – Drew 1 & caught 2.40 to Birm. Met Mrs Harris – Min’s Mother.

 Saturday 25th. Letters from Mother (2) Laura, Trix, Stella – Card from U.E.A. & P.C. From Edinb. Esp. Soc. – Played Billiards & snooker.

 Sunday 26th  Letters from Mr Paul & Doris & Ena.

 Monday 27th  Went out in evening

 Tuesday 28th. Letters from Nurse Barbour. Got gloves for Bertha & Handkerchiefs for Min. Wrote Mac. Took Mrs Harris, Min & Bertha to Vivien. Borrowed 1 from Min

 Wednesday 29th. Card from Emma Jackson & Miles. Took Olive & Wattie to Vivien

 Thursday 30th. Went in for Billiard Handicap – out in semi. Wrote Mother.

 Friday 31st. Letters from Laura & Mother.

Saturday 1st, Jan 1916

Borrowed 10/- from Min – Bought kettle, tie, Eau de Cologne, Pot Pourri, & Where My Caravan. Min & Wat gave me ring.

 Sunday – Met Katy – good time.

 Monday 3rd. Came back from Brm. 4/-. Abbeywood St 10 p.m. Letters from May Hilton, Tom Warr (invite for Saturday) Mac, Mrs Paterson, Mrs W Banks, 65 Godinton Rd, Ashford, Kent. Sent P.C. to Min, card from Min.

 Tuesday 4th. Paraded sick – L.D. Wrote Bertha, Wat & Min & Nurse Barbour.

 Wednesday 5th. Went to May’s birthday evening – Kitty & Hetty – Bruce David & Charlie Hall there – back to camp at 2.30 a.m. Not pinched

 Thursday 6th. Paraded sick. Put on as clerk to dentist. Wrote Mother & T Warr. Letters from Mac & Min.

 Friday 7th  Busy all day. Letters from Mother, Mr & Mrs Lloyd, Vera – news of Trix’s son. Best thing I ever heard. Mits from Mother. Housewife … Nurse Barbour.

 Sat.8th. Wrote Min, Nurse Barbour & Olive. Letter from Mrs Warr – sent



HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (21) (January 1916)

           Wire that I couldn’t go to Ewell.

 Sunday 9th. Wrote to Maney, Mrs Warr, May Kendall, Hetty & Mrs Holloway. Went to Church & prayer meeting

 Monday 10, Card from Mr & Mrs Thornton. Wrote to Trix, Maney & Nurse Barbour. Letter from Nurse Barbour.

 Tuesday 11  Letter from Hettie & Mrs Holloway. Wrote to Miles, Ena & Hettie. Went to concert in evening.

 Wednesday 12. Went to Pict. Show with Wyeth.

 Thurs. 13th. Got permanent pass. Letter from Min, Mr Sleep & Bushey. Wrote Mother, wrote Bushey. Went to Woolwich Hippodrome

 Friday 14  Wrote Mrs Warr. Miles came out & I went in to London & we went to “Mr Wu”. Good. Matheson Long & Lillian Braithwaite.

 Sat. 15. Letters from Vera, Olive & Bushey. Went to Mr Warr’s for weekend – Billiards  P.C. to Vera




Sunday 16th. Went for a walk in morning. Mr & Mrs Warr very nice indeed.

Monday 17th. Letter from Nurse Barbour. Book from Aust. War conting. & card from G. Paterson. Wrote Miles, May Kendall & Mrs Warr

 Tuesday 18th. Letter from Mac  Wrote Ena.

 Wednesday 19th. Wrote Min, Ena, Mother & Mavis. Letter from Hettie.

 Thur. 20th. Letter from Ena & Mrs Harris. Met Ena went to Putney Bridge. At London Bridge 12 midnight. 12.40 home – home at 2 a.m.

 Friday 21st. Card from Min & letter from May Kendall.

 Sat.22nd. Caught 4.35 to Birm. Mac & Les Purvis there. Letters from Frank Green & Mother. Had great evening. Mrs Harris there. Min & Wat very




HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (22) (January 1916)

         nice indeed. Chileys there

Bed 2.30 am.

 Sunday 23. Up at 11.30. Walk around reservoir. Good time. Bed 2 a.m.

 Monday 24th. Up at 6 a.m. Caught 7.30 to London. To A.W. at 12.30 p.m. Wrote Min.

 Tuesday 25th. Nothing spec. Invite from T. G. Arnold for Sunday afternoon.

 Wednesday 26th. Went to Corroboree in Caxton Hall. Smothered with wattle, very fine. Sir G. Reid spoke well. Caught 12.40 home. Invitation from Miss Pearce & Miss Lawson for weekend & evening. Barry & Pat O Keefe & others boxed in morning at Camp

 Thurs. 27th. Letter from Min. Wrote Mrs Warr & George Paterson & Mother. Mac & I went down to Plumstead.

 Friday 28th. Letter from Nan Barbour & Miss E Lawson. Wrote Mr Arnold. Went to Woolwich with Mac. Letter from May King


Sat. 29th. Went to London & Greenwich with Mac. Strand Corner House for teas, East End in evening.

 Sunday 30th  Wrote Horseferry Rd, Mr MacBride, Ena, Trix, Nan Barbour, Passing Show. Went to 7 Viewlands Rd.

 Monday 31st. Mac & I went for a walk thro’ Plumsted, Light, all out & stand by for Zeps. Went over Plumsted Common & back to Viewlands Rd. Found some people frightened, worrying about father. Did the comforting act. Went inside. Left scarf behind.

 (Feb 1916)
Tuesday 1st. Worked till 12 midnight report for Surg. Genl. Williams

 Wednesday 2nd. Letters from Mother & Lil & Fred. Wrote Min, Mrs Warr & Mrs Young

 Thurs.3rd. Wrote Mother. Went to 32 Viewlands Rd.

 Fri.4th. Mac & I went to Hippodrome – Woolwich. Good.

 Sat 5th. Letter from McBride & Min & Nan.



Sat 5th. Letters from Bob Garnham, Muriel (2) Vera, Laura, Trix, Mrs Stubbs, Lucy Mr & Mrs Stone (card) Maney, Mother (6), Mrs Ashby, Miss Lowe, Bob & May King, Miss Ashmore, Mr Shepherd, Charlie Grummitt, Hayden, Mabel, Dorothy, Marjorie, Amy & Ruth Short, Jack Hardon. Went to Ewell.

Sunday 6th. With Mr Warr, very good time. Letter from Horseferry Rd.

Monday 7th. Letter from Ena. Went to East Ham. Letter from Laura

Tues 8th. Wrote Nan & Mrs Warr & Miss Pierce. Gordon to Mrs Warr.

Wed 9th. Letter from Min & Muriel.

Thurs 10th. Letters from Maude Petersen (2) Laura & Grace Dowling & Tardifs. Went to Viewlands Rd in evening. Good … Wrote Mother (card)


Fri 11th. Wrote Frank Green & May Kendall & Nan Barbour.

Sat 12th. Went to Birmingham. Letter from Mother. Very good time.

Sun 13th. Wrote Mother. Good time. Caught 12.50 night train home. Got home to A,W. at 8 am on

Mon. 14th. Pretty tired. Wrote Tardifs, Ena & Min.

Tues.15th. Went to Tardifs in evening. Mac on picket, but came later. Very good time.

Wed.16th. Letter from Mrs Warr. Wrote Tardifs & Lew Solomon. Bought Badges. Wrote Mother & Miss Lawson.

Thur 17th. Letter from Min Tardif & May Kendall. Wrote Tardifs. Goods from U.S.A.


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (24) (February 1916)

 Fri.18th. Went to Tardifs in evening. Letter from Miss Pierce.

 Sat. 19th. Parcel from Uncle Ted. Went to Woolwich in evening.

 Sun.20th. P.C. from Queenie. Went to Tardifs in evening. Very nice. Church (Congregational)

 Mon 21 Holiday. Wrote Min. Went thro’ Woolwich. Parcel for Maurice Tardif.

 22nd Tues.

 Wed 23rd. Went to Frier’s. Very nice evening. Snowed heavily.

 Thurs.24th  Wrote home & to Miss Lawson. Went to Caxton Hall Austn. Concert. Very nice.

 Fri 25  Went to Tardifs. N.T.B. Snowballing.


Sat 26th. Went to Lewisham to Mrs Lawson. Very nice people indeed – from Sydney. Very well travelled – Egypt, India, Austria, Italy, France, Home in Germany. Lost all effects on outbreak of war. Lionel professional violinist. Linguists. Most enjoyable evening. Got present for Min

 Sunday, 27th. Worked on report & drafts. Went to Tardifs for tea & church.

 Monday 28th. Still snowing. Wrote Min & Mrs Lawson

 Tues. 29th. Letter from Mrs Frier. Went to Woolwich & bought a mixed parcel. Left it in the front room at No32. Letter from Mrs Warr

Wed.1st  Went to 32 in evening. Good time. Letter from Mrs Warr

 Thurs. 2nd. Wrote Mother.

 Fri 3rd. Wrote Mrs Lawson & Mrs Frier.

 Sat 4th  Went to 32 for evening  Wrote to Horseferry Rd re Capt Honman


HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (25) (March 1916)

 Sun. 5th. Wrote to Mrs Stubbs & others. Went to 36 in evening & to church

 Mon 5th. Card from Mrs Lawson. Wrote Mrs Tardiff. Parcel & letter from Min.

 Tues. 6th. Letters from Mrs Warr, Miss Pearce, Mother, Mabel. Went to 32. Wrote Mrs Warr

 Wed.7th  Wrote Mother. Wrote Min & 32.

 Thurs 8  Went to 32. Wrote Mrs Warr.

 Fri.9th. Bought buttons, badges etc for Tim Warr. Drew 30/- Letter from Elaine – wrote back.

 Sat.10th. Mac & I went to Mrs Warr – very nice indeed. Tom has gone to France.

 Sun 11th. Went up to Epsom race course and saw some very old buildings etc. Saw ruins of Nonesuch Castle, Old Churchyard, old mills etc.

 Mon 12th. Letter from Elaine & Min  Wrote 32 & Elaine & Mrs Warr.



Tues.13th  Went to 32. Le!

Wed 14th. Mac & I went to Mrs Lawson’s. Very fine evening. Beautiful music by Lionel. Met Kenith Capel. Letters from Mother, Loo Garnham (2), & Laura & Mrs Warr (2).

 Thurs.15th. Went to 32. Letters from Mrs Warr. Wrote Mrs Warr.

 Fri.16th. Letters, via A.M.Corps, from Frank, Trix (1), Laura 7, Muriel (2), Vera (2), Mother (9), Mrs Stubbs (3) Dorothy Barnett, Mrs Stone, Mr Stretton, Maude & Mrs Peterson, Alli Burge, Mabel, Miss Jenkins (Troc.), Frank Cheshire, Maney & Sid, Leon Fortier, Aunt Laura, Mr Thornton, Miss Nicholls, 40 in all. Elaine

 Sat 17th. Letters from Miss Warr. Wrote Miss Warr, Mrs Warr  Went to “Mrs Manycares?” Not bad.

 Sun.18th. Went to Uncle Toms. Met whole family except Harry – age 19 Mr & Mrs Bowman, Winnie (19) Queenie (17) May (15 ) Fred (13) Bert (11)



HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (26) (March 1916)

           Not bad time – left 10/-.

 Mon 20th. Mac & I went to Miss Warrs – 5 Wyke Gardens, Clapham Rd S.W.

Pretty Merry.

 Tues. 21st. Letter from Min, & Elaine. Wrote Miss Warr, Mrs Lawson, Uncle Tom

 Wed.22nd  Wrote Mother, went to 32

 Thur 23rd. Went to Mrs Lawson’s.

 Fri 24th  Letter from Barset Road about death of Uncle Tom. Wrote & wired.

 Sat 25th. Went to bed 2 pm & woke on Sunday at 7.30 am

 Sunday. 26th. Went to London. Met Miss Murray Pryon. Wrote to Mrs Warr, Min, May, Tom Warr, Price & Miss Warr.

 Mon.27th. Mac & I went to concert – Farewell to Carrie Lanceley. Very nice indeed. Taxi to London Bridge.



Tues. 28th. Went to 32. Wrote Mother, Vera & Muriel, Elaine.

 Wed 29th. Went to funeral of Uncle Tom. To “L’Enfant Prodigal” in evening. To have met Elaine at Madame Callanes – went in and found no one who could speak English. Managed all right. Fine kiddies. Stayed the night at 119 Brookbank

 Thurs 30th. Met Elaine in city & took her home.

 Fri 31st  Went to London. Wrote to Mrs Warr & Mr Watson. Zepps came over Camp while I was away – rotten luck. Went to 32.

 Sat. 1st April (1916)  Went to London & Anzac in evening.

 Sunday 2nd. Went to cousin Alice – Leytonstone – 133(?) Montague Rd

Sons Arthur (9 years) & Tom (about 30)


 HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (27) (April 1916)

           Name – Cr. Revell. Very nice indeed – nice house, very fine locality – Zeps over again.

 Mon 3rd  Letter from Elaine, Mrs McCabe, Min, Mother & Laura. – Went to 32. Wrote Mrs Lawson & Lionel

 Tues.4th. Letter from Mrs Warr. Wrote cousin Alice & Mrs Warr & Elaine & Mother. Got Mac on as assistant to me

 Wed 5th. Went to Brookbank Rd. Letter from Elaine & … Thomas

 Thurs 6th  Took 32 to the Pictures, with Lionel. N.T.B.

 Fri 7. Went to Madame Callanne. Very interesting.

 Sat 8th. Went to Mrs Warr’s. Mac too. Decent ride on top of bus.

 Sun 9th. Saw old Tudor house in which Elizabeth once held court. Also Woe Water which only rises every ten


 years or so.

Had bilious attack. Home by 11 pm.

 Mon 10th. Letters from Mrs Warr, Tom, & Marg Tardif. Wrote to Elaine, Madame Calonne, & Mrs Tardif.

 Tues.11th. Phoned Elaine. Letter from Elaine & Mother. Went to Catford with Elaine. Stayed night at Lewisham. They gave me dainty silver chain for the dead meat ticket.

 Wed 12th. Letter from Mrs Warr. Went to 32. Alf & Will to go away tomorrow – Blues. Wrote Elaine & Min.

 Thurs 13th. Letter from Mrs Chidley. Wrote her, Mother, Leon Fortier, Lucy Charles, Nan Barbour & Miss White.

 Fri.14th. Wrote Elaine & Min. Letters from Elaine & Min  Stayed in camp  Got mumps



HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (28) (April 1916)


Sat 15th. Bottle of pills from Mrs Warr. Wrote Elaine & Laura. Read Prisoner of Zenda. Letter from Col Gibbin.

Sun 16th. Went to 32 for tea.

Mon 17th. Reported sick. Sent to Royal Herbert Hosp. Woolwich. Letter & theatre tickets from Mrs Chidley. Letters from Elaine & Madame Calonne. Wrote Min & Elaine. Got to Herbert about 3.30. In tent with Alexander from camp. Pretty comfortable.

Tues 18th. Wrote Queenie & Elaine. Read Call of the Wild.

Wed 19th. Wrote Min & Mrs Warr. Letters from Min & Elaine



Thurs 20th. Letters from Elaine (3) Mac, Queenie & Mrs Tardif. Wrote Elaine & Laura  Tardif.


Fri 21  Wrote Madame Calonne & cousin Alice. Good Friday.

Had an amusing couple of hours watching the major, staff sergeant & 3 orderlies putting a coat of green on 2 tents. First the major gets the broom and shows the staff, who explains to one of the orderleys the stroke to use. Then the other orderly washes down the tent – superintended by the staff – while a third streaks on the green paint with a broom. Major went very red when he saw us laughing at him. Bet Alexander a packet State Express I’d get more mail – lost.




HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (29) (April 1916)

Sat 22nd  Letter from Elaine.

Sun 23rd. Card from Elaine – Letters from Nell, Laura, Queenie & Miss White. Wrote Laura, Marg & Mrs Tardif.

Mon 24th. Letter from Mrs Warr & Mac – Parcel from Mac. Wrote Elaine, Queenie & Nell.

Tues 25th. Letter from Elaine, Min & Marg. Wrote Frank Green & Mac. Anzac Day. Big doings in the city - sent some cake, crackers, etc.

Wed 26th. Wrote Mac & Mrs Warr.



Thurs 27th. Wrote Mother, Elaine & Marg. Letter from Mac & Mrs Warr. Finished Vanity Fair – Too cynical.

 Fri 28th. Letter from Mac & packet of State Express from someone unknown – London S.W. Letter from Queenie. Found out from Alexander. Got over wall & met Mac, with my overcoat, outside. Went to 32. Not bad. Got in about 12 oclock. O.K.

 Sat 29th. Letters from Elaine – one in French, with photo of les infants deMadame, “Le Journal” et “Le Matin” from Alexander. Read Freckles and “Wee Macgregor Enlists”. Wrote Alexander & Elaine.

 Sunday 30th. Nothing special. Read some French

Monday 1st. May. Glorious day. The Horse chessnuts just out in leaf and a marvellous light



HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (30) (May 1916)

           dainty green. Wrote to Min and Mother. Started Girl of the Limberlost. Parson brought some clippings from Swiss newspapers. Letters from Madame Calonne and Mac. May Day.

 Tues.2nd. Wrote Sno Veronesi. Letters from Mother, Laura, Vera & Nance Mac & Maney. Wrote Miss Jenkins, Mr Whyte, Mrs Sleep, Mrs Banks, Mac

 Wed.3rd. Letters from Mother (3) & Laura & Elaine & Min. Wrote Aunt Laura & His Majesty’s Theatre.

 Thurs.4th  Letters from Min & Mrs Warr. Wrote Mother, Min, Mac,

Elaine (en Francais)

 Fri 5th. Got out of hosp. Went to Sth Kensington Museum & to Nat. Lib. Club & Annax.

Wrote Min & Elaine. Drew 3.



Sat 6th. Went to London & over the Tower. Saw room where princes were smothered. Also where Raleigh was imprisoned. Armour of Henry VIII & many other armours. Went to Lewisham

Sunday 7th. Went to 32 in morning. Stayed in camp rest of day. Went to Lewisham in Even.

Monday 8th Went to London. Took Elaine to lunch. Wrote Mr Whyte

Tuesday 9th. Wet all day. Wrote Elaine & Mac & Madame. Letter from Bertha.

Wed 10th. Took Min out – pictures & Shell Out. Not too bad. 2 from Mother.

Thurs 11th. Took Elaine & Madame Calonne to the Coliseum. N.T.B. Wrote Min P.C. & Mother. Stayed at Lewisham.

Friday. 12th. Went to London. To South Kensington & Anzac. Wrote Min.

Sat 13th. Mac & I on duty in morn. Went to Ewell. Met Price, nice evening. (Mac & I)



HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (31)

 May 1916

Sunday 14th. Went for a walk. Saw ancient fishing chapel etc. Back to camp about 11 pm

Wrote Elaine

Mon 15th. Mac warned for draft. Went to Brookbank Rd & 32 & 36 in evening.

Letter from Mother at 32.

Tues. 16th. Mac went at 7.30 a.m. Letters from Mabel Schukraft, Mother, Trix & Min. (& Mrs Whyte).

Took Sgt Wolseley to Lawsons.

Urens of Melb. to Mrs Warr.

Wed 17th. Wrote Mr Whyte & Mrs Lawson. Went to 32 & 36. Very nice. Letter from Min.

Thurs. 18th. Wrote to Mother (Sent Red+), Mac, Mr Rush, Mrs Warr, Lionel.

Fri 19th. Went to 32. Wrote Elaine en Francais.



Sat 20th. Letter from Lionel. Went to concert with Lawsons in evening. Lionel played beautifully - encored often. Met Mdme. Callonse’s brother in law. Was a rich man in Belgium but now lives on Belgian Relief Fund. Naturally very quiet.


Sun 21st. Went to Catholic Church with Lionel. Then to Bromley in afternoon

Lionel, Elaine, Madame et son Clairfrere. Went to Mr Peach’s in evening.

Beautiful voice and a very nice man. Stayed the night at 119.

 Mon 22nd. Wrote Mother. Went to Lewisham Hipp. with Lawsons. Very nice. Came home via Welling.

 Tues 23rd. Went to London & lunched with Robert Whyte Esq. Very nice old gentleman indeed. Wife ill with influenza etc. Liberal Club a fine place. Called on G.R’s after. Took



HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (32) (May 1916)

           Elaine home. Went to 36 & 32.

 Wed 24th. Letters from Mother, Laura & Min.

Wrote Mother & Aunt Em. Cut out 3’ for Elaine. Wrote Mr Whyte.

 Thurs 25th. Went to 119. Enjoyable evening.

 Fri 26th. Went to 32. Cut out 3’ for Tim Warr.

 Sat 27th. Elaine & Madame Calonne came to camp. Had decent afternoon. Improved French - also knowledge of French manners & customs. Went to Madames for tea & evening. Stayed night at 119. Letter from Mac.

 Sunday 28th. Went to 32 in afternoon. Bit tired & slow. Went to church & for a walk after

 Mon 29th  Went to 56 Barset Rd. All well.

Then went to 32 about 11.30 pm to arrange for



an evening at theatre. Heard of the death of Gordon Frier. Hit pretty hard. One of the finest men I’ve met. Killed in bayonet attack. Would have been recommended for D.C.M. had he lived. Volunteered to lead attack.

Letter from Mr Paul.

 Tues. 30th. Letter from Mac & Mother. Wrote Min. Went to 36 in afternoon

Mrs Frier and Queenie are taking it very well. Went to 119 for evening. Had some grand music. Stayed the night.

Photos came. Took one to Elaine & Diane.

 Wed 31st. Wrote Mr Paul & Mrs Warr. Went to 32 & 36 in evening. They are holding up wonderfully. Laura a bit cut up. Sent photo to Min. One to Nell, Marj, Queenie.


Thurs. 1st June. 1916. Wrote Mother. Sent photos.


 HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (33)
 May King  186 Hotham St Elw
Mrs G Smith. Albert Villa  Balaclava Rd Carl
… 25/8/15  Lucy Chidlows Well, WA.
(Schedule of letters received and sent, numbers not transcribed, but following names noted)
Aunt Em
- Laura
Bob …
Mr Paul
Mrs Ashby
Mr Healey
Uncle Tom
F. Grant
M. Peterson
Miss Jenkin
W Meyers
Sid Low
G. Dowling
Miss Kuster
Mr Short
Mrs Stubbs
May King
Emily Barnett
Mr Ashby
Ben & Maney
(Addresses noted)
Daisy Deacon
Kensington Rd
Rose Park
A Burge
65 Arthurton Rd



Ann Jackson

Arnot Hill








HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (35) (June 1916)

Fri 2nd June.

Went to London with Lionel. Saw some tryouts at new Middlesex Theatre. Went to 119 for evening.

Wrote Queenie, & Min.

 Sat. 3rd June  Took Laura & Queenie out & to pictures to cheer them up. Lionel too. Went to 32 in evening.

 Sun. 4th  Went to 119 & to Madame Calonnes in afternoon. Very nice indeed, Stayed night at 119.

 Mon 5th. Packing up etc. Went to Woolwich in afternoon for swim. Wrote Elaine & Min. Letter from Mac

 Tues. 6th. Packing - Went to 32 & 36 in evening. Met John Frier - very nice indeed.



Wed 7th. Went with 119 to Hippodrome in evening - very nice indeed. Loading wagons all day.

Wrote Mac & Mother.

 Thurs. 8th. Went from Abbeywood about 10 a.m. via Waterloo, Ludgershall & Andover Junctn. to Tidworth. Into barracks about 4 pm. Room 7 Block 4 Bhurtpore barracks Tidworth.

Country beautiful as we came through. Wrote Marg, Elaine, Nell, Min, Mrs Ward, Mrs Lawson.

 Fri 9th. On fatigue - unloading all day. Pretty hard work. Move quarters again. Letter from Miss Pearce in the evening.



HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (36) (June 1916)

 Sat 10th. Working all day. Wrote to Lionel, Queenie, Elaine & Madame Calonne. Letter from Elaine.

 Sun 11th. Wrote Miss Pearce. Fatigue in morning unloading. Told to be ready to move at 2 pm. Handed in blankets & then were told - to stay till tomorrow. Went to Wesleyan church. Very nice.

 Monday 12th. Wrote to Trix, Min & Nan.

 Tues. 13th. Letter from E.G.Mills.

Sent 10/- for pendant.

Wrote Laura Tardif & Col. Hurley. Letter from Marj. Tardif. Put on mess orderly.

 Wed 14th. Wrote to Min, Marj Tardif & rec & ans. Letter from E.Simmons - jeweller. - Sent 3/-

Applied for leave.

Wrote Uncle Ted



Thurs 15th. Laura Tardif B’day. Wrote Mother. Letter from E E Mills & Queenie. Wrote Elaine.

Went to Austn. Command Depot. No.2 Camp, Perham Downs, Andover.

 Fri 16th. Set up shop. Very fine food & on the whole I like the camp much better than Bhurtpore & indeed, as well as Abbey Wood. Very quiet indeed.

Letters from Min, Mother, Laura, Emily Barnett, Elaine, Lionel, Mrs Lawson, Madame Calonne. Card from Queenie, Letter from Muriel I. Wrote Emily & Dolly Barnett, P.C. to Min.

 Sat 17th. Card from Nan Barbour. Letter from Mrs Warr, Wrote Mrs Hooper. Went towards East. Very fine country.

 Sun. 18th. Went for walk with Len Uren.

Letters from Min, Aunt Laura, Mother & Laura. & Mrs Tardif



HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (37) (June 1916)

 Mon 19th  Letter from Marj & Col. Hurley. Went to Park House for Ride. Wrote Queenie. Letter from Mrs Frier & Elaine.

SSgt. McDougall, Cpl Uren, L/c Rainey & McEvoy went to Park House for duty. Met Alex Jack & Dolly Grey & Laycock.

 Tues.20th. Letter from Laura Tardif & Min with photos. Wrote Mrs Tardif. Hat pins came from Simmons - sent to Laura Tardif & Mrs Lawson. (Wed 21nd.)

On Hospital fatigue. Pinched a case of cigarettes - 500 packets.

 Wed 21st. Wrote Will Ashby & Col Sturdee. Letter from Nan Barbour. Wrote Mrs Warr, Mother, Queenie.

 Thurs 22nd. Wrote Elaine.

Letter from Elaine. Nothing special doing. Found quaint old thatched cottage.



 Friday 23rd. Letter from Queenie.


 Sat.24th. Wrote Madame Calonne. Letter from Mrs. Warr.

Wrote Lionel

Sunday 25th  Wrote to Mrs Frier. Went to Y.M.C.A. service.

 (Rubber stamp imprint)


 Mon 26th  Wrote McBride. Letter from Elaine.

 Tues.27th  Wrote Mother - P.C. to Nan

 Wed.28  Wrote Mrs Lawson, T Warr, Miss Murray Prior (insert Sec B.E.A.) Nell Frier, Ena Charlwood, Laura

 Thurs.29th  Wrote Mrs Warr. Nothing doing. Feeling a bit homesick. I wish an answer would come from Col. Sturdee. If none comes by 15th July will get a transfer.

Sent 1 to Mrs Warr for a present for Mother. Letter from Frank Green

 Fri 30th. Trix’s birthday - letters from Elaine & Mrs Frier. Wrote Marj Tardif.



HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (38)


30/6/16 - Found that SSgt McDermott is a great friend of Jenkins in Adelaide.

Applied for position in bomb throwing course of instruction.

Wrote Elaine.

 1/7/16. Letters from Nell Frier, Laura Tardif & Mrs Warr. Wrote Mrs Warr.

 2/7/16  Sunday. Letter from Elaine & Mrs Warr. Mac came over from Park House.

Adjutant told me off for applying for bombing instruct. without asking Bennett.

Wrote a note saying I was reprimanded for Bennett to sign but he wouldn’t.

Went for walk with Mac & Will Coates

 3/7/16. Went to Bhurtpore Barracks. Pretty sure to get to France.



4/7/16. Letter from Mrs Warr.

Applied in writing to A.D.M.S. to go to France.


5/7/16. Note from Adjutant asking what class I was - ree bombing. Letter from Ena Charlwood & Miss Murray-Prior & McBride

Wrote Laura & Mother.

6/7/16. Henry V from Elaine. Letters from Mrs Warr & Mrs Lawson. 

Obtained a bicycle from S.M.O. went to visit SSgt McDougall, Len Uren, Rainey & McEvoy at Park House. 

Had a very nice time and went for a good long walk with McDougall. He’s a real philosopher and a sport. On the way back on the bike it was fine to ride between the tall trees on the wet road. The shades of all the Druids and Warriors came alongside and kept pace - helped across bad roads and up hills. Soon all thoughts of Stonehenge and Boadicea were driven from my



HFW War Diary No.3, page spread No (39)

           mind by the sound of a motor following & the knowledge that I had no light. From then I had all the excitement of dodging motors on a narrow road.

After reaching camp and passing the guard I got to bed about 11.30.

Then was aroused by Mr Bennett to go to a man with neurosis of the heart. Tried to find Lt Smith but was unable. Then another man who seemed to have slight pleurisy.

Found Lt Smith in with the O.C. & Crolly (the adjutant) - roused him out & found he was no good at all. Insisted on coming down to see the men. Fell sprawling twice - then I took him in hand & got him to the huts all right. Told the second man - “I know all about you”. Really amusing if it hadn’t been a bit disgusting.

Got to bed about 1 a.m.

Early in the day Joe filled syringe with chloroform instead of local anaesthetic.

Diary 3 (Part B) continues from 7th July 1916 HERE.

Photo from Hal's souvenirs. He is standing first on left.