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Hal Winters' War

1914 - 1919

Diary 5, from 21st June 1917 to 2nd March 1918

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HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (2)


Maney            14 Feb

Glad.               26 Feb. M Fuller 15

Mother & Mavis        5 & 6 March

Grace Dowling         10 Ap

Trix                  30 June

Patty               24 July

Vera                19 Aug           D …chuhkraft 2…

Muriel               5 Oct

Laura                9 Oct

Nancy                        19 Oct

Bobbie           30 Nov

Miles               30 Nov

Reiza              28 Nov


Alf Browning Jan 1  Will Powell 7

Wattie             Jan 5

Tim                  31 Jan

Mr Tardif        28 Jan

Minnie                        29 Feb   4 Feb Tom Warr

Maurice Tardif          22 Feb

Mrs Tardif      Mar 1

Fred                   27

Bertha Harris            13 April

Elaine                        21st May

May Frier       May 26

S Lardemelle            4 July

E Fauquet     15 July

Marj Tardif     July 12

Mrs Lawson  13 June

Laura Tardif  June 15

Mrs Frier        Oct 8

Mr Frier          Nov 7

Nell                      17

Queenie              27

Kath Browning      28

Gordon Frier             Dec 6

Con Frier                   Dec 10

Ken Tardif                 Dec 20


HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (3)





Jeanne Blondeau


Riquet Henri


HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (4)

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JUNE 1917

21st (cont)  Pretty place for camp, but it poured rain & no shelter. Built Burry.

 22nd. Stables etc. only hope of grooming.

 23rd. Went up into action at 9 a.m. Same place as last time near Beaumetz. Still some strawberries, cherries & raspberries left. Almonds, pears & apples not yet ripe. Built hut. Rained.

 24.6.17  Letter from Mrs Warr & Mrs Frier.

The chateau - or rather the grounds, as the chateau is merely a rim of ruins around a great mine crater - beautifully homelike tho overgrown. There are fruit trees & flowers - roses, poppies etc. Some strawberries:


HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (5)

 25.6.17 On Duty from 12 … to 3 am & 6 to …

 26.6.17. On from … to 6 pm.

Letter from Miss Pearce & Enid Smith

Wrote Mother, Miss Pearce & mr Paul. Wrote Appreciation

 27.6.17. Slept till Dinner. Letter from Laura Tardif.

 28.6.17 On phone during thunderstorm. Instrument wrenched away & got a clout in head, hands & feet from lightning. No harm. Heavy rain. Wrote Suzy Lardenell

 29.6.17  Ears crook   Parcel of books from Enid Dowty nee Smith. Didn’t sleep at all.

30.6.17  On duty fr 6 am. Saw M.O. at 9 am & he sent me


to hosp - walked in rain a couple of miles, waited 2 hours, spent 1 ½ hours travelling in open light railway truck. Got to Tommy H.M.C. Sent to Pozieres & back to Bapaume, then to another … ambce & finally to No. 3 CCS near Bapaume.

Slept most of time at first. Temp 101

 1.7.17 Slept most of the day. Temp still 101°

 2.7.17  Wrote Mr Aness, Mother & Mrs Warr. Read “Voice of the City”. Temp 99+

 3.7.17 Nothing special

 4.7.17  Read Laughing Cavalier. Quiet day.

 5.7.17  Went to walking area. Wrote Patty.


HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (6)

 6.7.17  Wrote Mrs F…  Went to pictures in Bapaume.

Went down a … in church there. Viewed hundreds of skulls & found that they are from guillotine of Revolution.

 7.7.17  Quiet day. Wrote May King.

Read Prospection, very fine book. I’m afraid I have missed many a chance of speaking for God by reason of loss of power.

 8.7.17  Nothing special, wrote Vera & others.

 9.7.17  Doctor wanted to send me to base. Refused at first but considered it better to be cured so agreed to go.

Went to pictures in

Wrote Grace Dowling & Ashton


evening. Gordon sent back to unit.

 10.7.17  Got to train at 10 am. Very easy riding. Wandered up & down …

Now at …, on the …  Got to station & taken by ambulance driven by girls to 47th Base H. at about 11 pm. Bath & to bed. Le Treport.

 11.7.17  In bed all day. N.T.B. Read Great Expectations.

 12.7.17  Marked for Blighty. Nothing special. Wrote Laura & Ashton.

 13.7.17  Crook with chocolate. Bed all day.

 14.7.17  Got away at 8 pm for boat. Slept in train. Got to


HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (7)

 Harfleur about 9 am. on

15.7.17  Got to Le Havre and aboard the Esquibo - RMSP at midday. Left at 9.30 p.m.  Slept on hatch. Lifebelt.

 16/7/17  Got to Southampton at 9 a.m.

Got on train at 10.30 a.m. Comfortable. Got to Waterloo at 1 p.m. Into private cars and taken to Lewisham …

Not a bad place. Wrote Min & Elaine.

 17.7.17 Mrs Lawson came in. Quaint old fashioned civilian doctor. H was Lewisham Union’s. Some inmates on the floor below. Wrote Mrs Warr. Read too much.


18.7.17  Went out at 2 pm to Plumstead. Great Jollification. All


All very well. Enjoyed myself to the limit. Letters from Vera & Mother. … …

 19.7.17. Mrs Lawson came in to visit in afternoon.

Saw specialist. Advised septum operation.

 20.7.17  Was to go to Mrs Lawson to tea. Sent instead to throat H. Golden Square W for oper. Very slow but traffic rowdy. Wrote Min, Mrs Warr, Laura Tardif & Mrs Lawson.

Parcel from Bertha & letter Mrs Warr

 21.7.17  For operation this morning about noon. Decent breakfast. Wrote Mac.


HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (8)

 21.7.17  Operation O.K. Pretty painful. Very great deal of bone taken away.

 22.7.17  Bed all day. Laura & Queenie came to see me.

 23.7.17  Food very good in this place. Nurses very nice indeed.

 24.7.17  Went out a while.

 25.7.17 Nothing special

 26.7.17  Went to Princes St & then to Lewisham. Saw Mrs Lawson a while & when home had to help with patient in a fit today. Died & my nose started to bleed badly for 4 hours.

 27.7.17 Couldn’t get up & meet Mrs Lawson & Elaine  They came in to see me.

Wrote Peroxide Piffle


28.7.17  Elaine & Mrs Lawson came in & we went to Ciro’s Club. Very decent music. Merry evening.

 29.7.17  Went to Richmond on bus & back - rained

 30.7.17  Sent to 3rd London Genl Hosp. Wandsworth St. Gaunt looking place & pretty miserable when told that we’d be kept there. Sent to camp attached to hosp. Wrote Min & Mrs Warr.

 31.7.17 Still raining. Nothing special to do. Got pass in afternoon & took Claxton to Mrs Lawsons. Quiet day.

 1.8.17  24th Birthday today. Large cake from Mrs Warr & another from Minnie with letters from Hilda, Suzanne, Nurse Bails Mrs Tardif.

Went to Mr Warrs in aftern. Nice afternoon. Wrote Mother & Min.


HFW War Diary No 5, page spread No. (9)

 Rather - Salaway

3 missing

 Leon Fortier

123 a’Infanterie Section

 Marcel Boulon

27th Campagne

au depot de Beziers

 Sno. Achille Thomas


2e S/Interdance Militaire

en Amiens    Somme

 Gren. Platoon

1/20th London


May Kendall

111 Princes Street

Auld Reekie - Edinburgh


Chanticleer - Frith St (close to Soho Stn  2 fr

Boulogne  Gerrard St. near Wardour St.  3 fr


Maxims.  Cn Gerrard St & Wardour St.  3 fr

Les Gobelins

Lyon’s P. op Rest, - opp Picca Hotel

Table d’hote Lunch 1/9

Dinner 2/9


HFW War Diary No 5, page spread No. (10)

 (The following undated description appears to be a re-telling of the entry for 11.8.16. See pagespreads 43 and 44 in diary No.3)

             Just now, from the summit of an old Roman fort, Mac is telling all the colors he can see - Dark green of the trees. Reddish brown of the ploughed field. A lighter green of a crop of oats - merging thro’ a light yellow into the golden brown island of ripened wheat.

At the back of the yellow is a patch of heliotrope grey ploughed land bordered by a small group of stooks. Further then back still lies a black patch of trees and to the right at the side of a white strip of road is a vivid patch of green in a small hollow; and further still to the right, shows the orange of a field of poppies.

Then the chessboard of


a field marked for ploughing. The old thatched cottages nestling among the trees, and the moat of the fort at our feet, contrast strangely with an aeroplane of the modern type overhead.

Letting the eyes fall once again to earth, one sees the mounds of the Roman dead - killed in some sally from fortress where now we sit.


HFW War Diary No 5, page spread No. (11)

 2.8.17  Went to Golden Sq & then to kit store. Got old kitbag from Alexandria. Some Egyptian stuff still in it. Wrote Sister Kathleen  Muriel  Margaret.

 3.8.17 Went to Miss Pearce’s at Ealing. Very beautiful suburb and delightful bus ride. They were very nice indeed, and made me most welcome.

Wrote Mrs Smith Mrs Warr, Mrs Tardif, Marjorie Boys & Miss Rosanove.

 4.8.17  Took Claxton to Mrs Lawsons. Quiet afternoon. Elaine played beautifully.

Wire from Laura

 5.8.17  Went to 32 to lunch. Had a very merry afternoon. Got into khaki for a walk. Got back 7.45

6.8.17  Note from Mrs Warr. Went to Ewell. Had quiet afternoon. Enjoyed. Found Miles has been


here to see me. Wish I’d not gone out.

 7.8.17  Got razor etc. from Aust Red + store.

Miles came in afternoon - 10 days leave. Went to Clapham & had dinner. He lent me £1.

Doc examined me this morning and recommended treatment. Said the septum operation was no good.

 8.8.17  Letter from Miss Rosanove. Met Mac at Westminster & went to Canal Control office

Merry afternoon.

Letters from Mrs Smith & Bertha & Mrs Harris.

Wrote Mother.

 9.8.17  Letters from … Baker, Mrs Boys, … … Elaine, Nan Barbour, Frank Ashton (with news of death of Capt Aspinall, Roy Smith & Jimmy Orange. …


HFW War Diary No 5, page spread No. (12)

             Pretty miserable. Want to get back. To go on furlough saturday. Wangled it for tomorrow instead. Went to Mrs Lawsons & met Mac.

 10.8.17. Got furlough. Went to Mrs Warr’s in evening. Mac & I stayed night.

 11.8.17  Went to Plumstead & then got tickets for Zig Zag for Tuesday. Went by 4.35 train to Birmingham.

Got there at 7.45. Bertha came in and Minnie looks very well & much more cheerful. Mac & Min played Bertha & I billiards till about 4.30 am & then Mac& I carried on till 6.30 am & went to bed till about 10 a.m.

 12.8.17  Went on Reservoir with Bertha in afternoon & to Smethwick Lane for tea & evening.


Had a merry mad evening. The girls decidedly risqué at times (one of Each) got to bed about 4.30 a.m.

13.8.17  Mac left in morning for London

Got Minnie a hand bag. Bertha went for holidays.

I came down to London by 5.50 train. Slept at A.I.F. Club. A very fine institution indeed.

14.8.17  Mac got me a pair of spurs. We went to “au Petit Riche” - Soho - for lunch. Very nice. Met the others at 4.30 at C.C.C. offices.

Walked to Old Compton St. via Birdcage Walk, Marble Arch etc. Had a real merry dinner party. Got cabs & went to Ciro’s for ½ an hour for ices etc.


HFW War Diary No 5, page spread No. (13)

             Walked round to Hippodrome. Had a very nice evening. Took others home to Plumstead. Got to bed at Warchest at about 3 a.m.

 15.8.17  Mac got away at 7.30 am.

Got up at about 10 am. Went in afternoon to 56 Barset Rd. Took the girls to New X. Empire in the evening. Stayed there the night. All pretty well.

 16.8.17  Went to Plumstead in afternoon. All very nice indeed & very well. Went to Mrs Dingle’s in evening.

Called on Marjorie Boys

17.8.17  Went to W.S.S. treat in Co-operation Woods about 10 a.m. Beautiful country - just near the old Abbeywood camp. Marj came in afternoon & Laura a bit later. Queen was there all the while. Miss Lepard


came too. Starter for the races.

Felt like old times with the kiddies all about. Took many photos. Had a real good time, indeed. Music in evening. Wrote Elaine, Minnie & Mrs Warr.

 18.8.17  Went in to town with Laura & to club.

Met Elaine at the Bank to take her to river. Couldn’t come so got tickets for “Smile”.

Elaine played in afternoon beautifully.

Bit of a disturbance when found I was going away for Sunday. Cloudy evening but “Smile” very good indeed. Took Elaine to Au Petit Riche for lunch. Mrs Lawson very jolly. Slept at club.

 19.8.17  Went to Whitechapel & Petticoat Lane in



HFW War Diary No 5, page spread No. (14)


            morning. Reminded me of Egypt a lot. Lost nothing. Bought a pair of 12.5 stockings at a stall - & Sussy.

Went to Viewlands Rd for tea & to church. Saw Mrs Holloway. She was charmingly nice. Stayed at 32. Went to church & for walk after.

 20.8.17  Went to London & then to Ewell. Mrs Warr made me very welcome & at home. Went to Epsom on Bikes in afternoon. & to Stewponds.

 21.8.17 Parcel from Min - registered.

Went to Headles & Box Hill. Absolutely beautiful country & view. The roads are perfect. Some fine spins downhill back. Got home about 6.15.

Mr Warr robbed the


hives in evening.

 22.8.17 Rode to Nub Avenue near Chiswick in morning. Pretty ride. Caught the 3.45 to New Cross. Got tickets for “Tonight’s the Night” at Hippodrome. N.T.B. Took Mrs Lawson & Elaine. Stayed the night at 119.

 23.8.17  Reported sick with ears at Lewisham Mil H.

Nothing doing.

Mr Peach came to 119 in evening. Stayed at 119. Wrote Mother & sent diary home.

 24.8.17 Called at C.C.C. offices.

Caught 1 pm train to Ludgershall. Raining. Pretty miserable. Most of the old boys left or promoted. Wrote Mrs Herbert, Mrs Lawson, Mrs Tardif, Mr Warr


HFW War Diary No 5, page spread No. (15)


25.8.17  Nothing doing. Classified & clothing issue. Put into tent.

 26.8.17  Church Parade.

Stayed to communion. It was beautiful after so long without.

Rained very hard. Went to Kimpton in the evening. They were very nice indeed. Stayed to supper & came home in car.

Met Curly Lockyer.

 27.8.17  Met McDermott & McDougall. Letters from … & Mrs Warr, Wrote Base P.O. Muriel, Mr Rust.

 28.8.17  Letters from Muriel, May King, Naomi, Trix, Mrs Stubbs & Vera. Met Frank Carr.

 29.8.17  Wrote Mrs Warr. Went to Lena Ashwells party. Not up to much.



30.8.17  Letters from Mrs Warr, Nell & Mrs Smith. Got Certify. of Dental Fitness from Lt Macdougall.

 31.8.17  Lt Keysor V.C. got me 2 days special leave.

Wrote Elaine. Caught 2.55 from Ludgershall to Birm. Got there at 7.30 pm. Min rather offended because I’d not come nor written the last few days of furlough.

Bertha home at 8.30. Feel right at home again. Minnie has the knack of making a man feel comfortable. Letter from Rea.

 1.9.17. Wrote Mac. Took Min to “Baby Mine” in the evening. Very funny indeed & good.

 2.9.17  Up at 10 am

Went to Church Lane before dinner. Went again in evening. Wild and riotous evening. Went real mad.

Wrote Mother.



HFW War Diary No 5, page spread No. (16)



Alex Jack

Cnr Minnie & Evans St

E Brunswick

 (sketch of Australian flag)

 3.9.17  Caught 8.35 back to camp with Ernie Smith. Letters from Mrs Tardif, Marj, Mrs Warr, Renee Lardemelle & Mac. Fine day.

 4.9.17  Went to see Capt. Smith. He was very nice.

 5.9.17  Fight on: nothing doing. Into transfer hut. Inoc. marked in Pay Book. Drew 25/- sent £1 to Ewell

 6.9.17 Transferred to No4 Camp - details. = Not too good  Equipped etc.

 7.9.17  Nothing special.


8.9.17  Got name taken for insolence to Sergt.

On guard in night from 10 - 12 & 4 - 6 am.

YMCA concert pretty good. Letters from Mrs Warr.

 9.9.17  Went to Kimpton in afternoon to tea. Mrs Bray very nice indeed. Little girls - Gwen & Nora - loving & reminded one of home.

 10.9.17  Paraded sick for feet. No marching. Cleaned hut. Parcel from Minnie via France with letters.

 11.9.17  On picking up ground to make a garden. Decent fight at ring in evening.

 12.9.17 Wrote Maney. Paraded sick. 48 hours no marching. Met Wattie (Cpl Watt) in evening - has a star now.

Letter from Connie. Wrote Maney.

 13.9.17. On fatigue. Wrote Laura Tardif. Went to theatre



HFW War Diary No 5, page spread No. (17)


WaterlooWWaterloo                                Tidworth
8.50 a.m.                                11.30 am
1 p.m.                                     3.48 p.m.
2.10 p.m.                                4.28 pm
5.50 p.m.                                8 p.m.

Tidworth                                 Waterloo
7.35 am                                  10.11 am
9.45 am                                  12.18 pm
12.00 pm                               2.18 pm
4.10 pm                                  6.6 pm
7.35 pm                                  10.24 pm

“Fear not, for I have redeemed thee. I have called thee by thy name, thou art mine. When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee, and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee.

When thou walkest through the fire, thou shall not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle on thee, for I am the Lord thy God.”


            and Kimpton with Lt. Watt.

 14.9.17 Wrote Mrs Stubbs, Naomi Bennell, Claxton, O/C Records & O/C Post Office.
Nothing special.

 15.9.17  Transferred to “B” Coy. Went to Ludgershall.

 16.9.17  Liver crook. Went to Ludgershall.
Early and bed.

 17.9.17  Out on Physical Jerks & marching N.T.B.

 18.9.17  Went out with Cpl Andrews. Applied for O.T.C. Got M.O.’s Certif & O.C.’s signature. Wrote Mother

 19.9.17  Paraded to O.C.

(margin) Ancels Mother Lucy.

Recommended for O.T.C.

Wrote Min  Mrs Warr, Mrs Tardif. Warned on draft - Lark Hill.

 20.9.17  On Draft. Letters from Mother, Biddy, Bertha & Laura & Patty. Wrote Lucy Charles


HFW War Diary No 5, page spread No. (18)


S = Distance  F acceleration
T = Time
U = Original Veloc.
V = Ultimate   

 V = U + FT
S = UT + ½ FT²
V² = U²+2FS

21.9.17  Went across to Lark Hill camp. 12 miles march. N.T.B. Wrote Lill Lanten, M.& D. Schuhkraft, Jeannie Parry & Marj.

 22.9.17  Medical inspect. etc. Nothing special.

Went to Stonehenge in afternoon. Wrote Marj Dowling. Applied for Sig School

 23.9.17  Went to get a fly at Netheravon. Nothing doing. Church parade in morning.

 24.9.17  Sent to Sig School. No 26 camp. Better than gun drill. Started from beginning again. Wrote Mrs Warr, Min, Queen.


25.9.17. Not too bad. Good practice for angles.

Wrote Uncle Fern & Mother.

 26.9.17  … parade - rain. Out on flags & buzzer  Wrote nurse Margaret & Laura Tardif.

 27.9.17  On buzzer. Cleaned washhouses.

Wrote Suzy Lardemelle

 28.9.17  Letters from Mrs Warr, Queen & Press Art School.

Wrote May King, Mrs Warr, Ern, Emily Barnett, Marie Kuster, Mess orderly.

 29.8.17 (sic) Letters from Mother (2) Laura, Marj Tardif & empty envelope from Mrs Stubbs. Went to Amesbury

 30.9.17  Letters from Queen, Laura & L lePaid. Wrote Rea, Mother & Hilda (Brum). Went to church & prayer meeting in Amesbury. Communion in morning.

 1.9.17 (sic)  Thick fog. Nothing spec

 2.9.17 (sic)  Nothing doing


HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (19)

 3.10.17  Most of hut on draft.

 4.10.17  Nothing spec. paid £1

 5.10.17  Nothing doing.

 6.10.17  Bathed  Nothing special. Went to Durrington

 7.10.17  Went to Amesbury to church & prayer meeting  Wrote Mrs Frier.

 8.10.17  Put in different class, higher

 9.10.17  Saw on YMCA board name of Miss Rosanove with concert party. Edwards & Burnell - to Pict together

 10.10.17  Miss Rosanove at Rollestone tonight

 11.10.17  Miss Rosanove at Upavon tonight.

 12.10.17. Met Miss Chabriand (?) & Miss Rosanove. Had a long talk to latter & felt like having a friend again.

 13.10.17  Went to concert at O2 YMCA. N.T.B. Met Hughie McCracken


14.10.17. Went out with Miss Rosanove in afternoon - church & communion in morning. Fatigue too. At YMCA meeting now - 7 pm

 15.10.17  Concert at 4 YMCA - Miss Rosanove’s party. Supper after.

 16.10.17  March across to Heytesbury - 16 miles. Raining. Not so bad. Beautiful little camp in hollow amongst trees & surrounded by small hills.

 17.10.17  Nothing special. Heytesbury a pretty little township with ancient houses & an old roundhouse prison - hexagonal.

 18.10.17  Mess orderly. Went to soldiers club.

 19.10.17  Wrote Queen, Lilian, Trix, Bertha

3 Years tonight




HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (20)


(Correspondence table)


HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (21)



HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (22)


(Correspondence table)


HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (23)




HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (24)


                        since I left Australia.sincesince I left Australia.  Present from Mrs Warr for Bobbie

 20.10.17  Went to Warminster with Gilbert North. Letter from Mrs Warr to say Tom has died of wounds

21.10.17  Went to Warminster to church. Very nice quiet little Baptist church. Sing song after. Town crowded with Australians.

 22.10.17  Nothing special.

 23.10.17  On dental parade. Nothing special

 24.10.17  On Station work.

 25.10.17  Nothing special

 26.10.17  Nothing spec

 27.10.17  Went to Warminster

 28.10.17                          to Baptist church. Mr Butcher took Bert North & I Home to supper. Very nice people & fine home


29.10.17  Concert by Lena Ashwell party.

 30.10.17  Nothing spec


 1.11.17  Went to Warminster. Mr Smith (minister) asked me to tea on Sunday. Went to service

 2.11.17  Miss Rosanoves party at Y.M.C.A. Very nice

 3.11.17  Went to Warminster to meet Bert North. On way was waylaid by little woman who weepingly told me her kiddie had a horrible cough that would frighten me to hear it. - Would I go & get some cough mixture. Got some from Warminster, comforted her a bit.

Rumour that there’s a chance of being sent to Italy. All leave recalled.

 4.11.17  Went to Boyton & met Miss Rosanove & Miss Chatriau. Had a merry afternoon & evening wandering about the


HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (25)


            country. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.

 5.11.17  Nothing special

 6.11.17  Miss Rosanove’s party across to Heytesbury. Concert not too good.

6.11.17  Test papers. Wrote Mrs Smith.

 7.11.17  Came top in tests.

 8.11.17  Across to Boyton to concert. Wrote Min.

 9.11.17  Nothing special. Letters from Mother & Mrs Lawson

 10.11.17  Played Hockey. Scored 10 goals.

When we got home we heard were on draft for Tuesday. Name on board for 4 days leave next weekend.

 11.11.17  On draft. Dental & medical inspect. Went to Warminster in evening. Went to Mr Butcher’s for supper. Very nice evening. Mr Butcher has pleurisy & pneumonia.


12.11.17  Wire from Mrs Warr. Waiting round QM’s store

 13.11.17  Letters from Laura, Trix, Vera, Muriel, E Barnett, Grace Dowling, May King, Mac, Min, Naomi Rosanove & Miss Chatriau. Not likely to go across for a day or so.

The camp very merry. Our hut stood siege against some from F Sub who wanted to try conclusions with stick brooms etc.

Just now the door was flung open and in marched figures garbed in blankets capes etc and painted like Turks, Indians & Blacks. After a fearsome war dance out they marched to repeat performance elsewhere.


HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (26)

 14.11.17  Nothing special. Camp still pretty merry.

 15.11.17  Went to Codford

Miss Rosanove & Miss Chatriau surprized - made me welcome. Nice merry evening.

 16.11.17  Station (Helio) work. Warned to be ready for tomorrow to cross. Wrote Nell & Naomi R. Bought stuff for tomorrow.

 17.11.17  Fell in at 11 am & marched to Codford (after usual military delays)  Miss Rosanove & Miss Chatriau hard to bid goodbye. Gave me box of cigarettes.

Entrained at 1 p.m. Got aboard “Archangel”, a small passenger boat, 4 pm.(about)  Very crowded (over 1000 aboard)  Had plenty of food & got a sleep in the hammock …  Palferaman Brown. Howard …


Taylor & myself all together

 18.11.17  Up about 3 am. Some fine studies in attitudes of abandon - It’s hard to separate one man from the next - all look like a basket of billiards.

Got ashore at 7 am. Put on baggage guard. Got to Harfleur at midday. Bully & biscuits. Better camp than Etaples. Not too much work. Went thro’ Q.M.S.

 11.17  Went to gas instruction.

Lectures and instructions about gas all day. Went thro tear & cloud gas.

 20.11.17  Nothing much to do. Warned for draft. Went to Le Havre on pass procured by Len Uren. Nearly pinched because late home. Bought some Xmas cards


HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (27)


21.11.17  Nothing doing.

 22.11.17  Saw Miss Murray-Prior. Went round to YMCA & spent the evening with her.

 23.11.17  Got away at 9 am. Marched to Havre carrying kit bags. On board train. Pretty miserable carriage as usual, train so slow that we could jump out & run up & down to other carriages.

 24.11.17  Got to Bailleul & detrained about 3 pm. Got aboard a couple of motor transports. Taken to D.A.C. past Steenwerck. Settled into a barn.

 25.11.17  Nothing to do. Walked to Doullieiu* to see HQrs. Saw the boys.

 26.11.17 Drafted to 1st Bde. Marched to Doullieiu*. Put on HQrs again. To have Marconi again

(*Le Doulieu)


Good to feel at home again. Wrote Min, Queen, Laura, Mrs Warr

 27.11.17  Wrote Mother & Mac. Went to an Estaminet to write.

 28.11.17  Out exercising all the houses have little shrines on them, & wheels for dogs to run in, to drive churning etc. The majority of the roof have a double angle


Wrote Elaine

 29.11.17  No money. Blank outlook

 30.11.17  Nothing doing - no money yet.

 1.12.17  Still quiet


HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (28)

            Had a fine ride about 16-20 kilometres

 3.12.17  Paid tonight

Had 5 eggs & chippies

Just at present Sgt G. is providing the funniest exhibition of a drunken man I’ve ever seen - He has tried a bit of dancing round the billet spouting Omar & laughing uproariously the while & is engaged in putting everyone to bed, though all are in bed but himself.

(Diary continues on pagespread 37)



Tell me dinkum fair my Eva

Of Australians what think you

Think you … … …

Or think you some may be true



Rubaiyat of Otitis Omar

Lugubrious lines of a melancholy Milton

A Sorrowful Sonnet from Salisbury

Woe! Basins full of Woe! The world is Grey

The sky o’ercast! The sun hath ceased to shine

On every side is woe, till our hearts pine

For laughter, smiles and merrymaking gay

And cups of tea a dozen times a day

Our mem’ries winging back not yet a week

Bedew our eyes; make quaver when we speak

Our hearts depress; each voice makes fade away

(till heart is full & voice fades right away)

The very flowers, so sweet in Golden square

In Wandsworth Prison wither fade & die

Lighthearted birds that carolled blithely there

Are dumb and raise to heaven ne’er a cry

Ah, what unhappy folk we are become

We long for death, now we have lost our home



HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (35)




HFW War Diary No.5, page spread No (37)


            One on the right is dolefully singing into the blankets “Home in Tenessee”.

 4.12.17. Nothing doing

 5.12.17                                Went for ride. Marked Rugs

 6.12.17  Wrote some letters

 7.12.17  Nothing doing

 8.12.17  Went for ride

 9.12.17  Wrote letters in YMCA. Service there. Parcel

 10.12.17  Wrote letters. Went to dentist in Steenwerk. Had Marconi clipped.

 11.12.17  Warned to go up to line tomorrow 8.30 to take over lines. Parcel from Mrs Frier

12.12.17  Went up to Heuve Eglise in limber with L/Cpl Chalmers & MacDonald. Rough ride. Got to dest box about 1 pm. Very comfortable & safe position. 14 Gothas came over to leave some souvenirs. One apparently damaged by guns got away from the rest, when 3 of our little speed beasts dived out of the clouds with a rattle of machine guns. Then


there was an unhappy Gotha wildly flying back towards his lines, with flames streaming from his sides. But the last I saw of that Fritz bird was two smoking objects rushing headlong to earth followed by two great wings lazily zigzagging down like enormous pieces of paper, and from the bowels of the earth seemed to come a cheer from here to the front line and back for miles.

 13.12.17  Went down for rations. Improved dug-out. Guns close by shake candles & lift ones hair when they are fired

Wrote Mrs Warr & Mrs Frier

HFW War Diary No5, page spread No (38)


14.12.17  Nothing special. Went out on CD2 bury.

 15.12.17  Quiet.

 16.12.17  Sunday. 5th Div. gone out & no rations. Some reserve, though.

 17.12.17  8 inch shells in the evening came pretty close. Put a lot over but none close enough to get windy over.

 18.12.17  Brigade come in. Niven back.

 19.12.17  Quiet. Expect to join brigade soon.

 20.12.17  Letters from Lil, Laura, Ena, Susy & Miss Pearce. Parcel from Mrs Frier.

 21.12.17  Nothing special. Orders to move tomorrow.

 22.12.17  Went with kit - about 3 kilos, picked up a lorry went thro’ Menine, Eglise, Dranontre, Kennel to Area party.



Sent out to L.K. Pretty cold sleep in hut.


23.12.17  Went out to Locre in evening & spent evening with Miles.

Orders to shift.


24.12.17  Called in to K.N. Got there & was told to go back to P.Q.

Went to pictures. Walked (with




kit) to LK for night.


25.12.17  Went to P.Q.

Had dinner at B.H.Q. Very fine Xmas dinner. Soup, Roast Beef & Green Peas. Roast Turkey, cauliflower, Roast potatoes, sauce. Plum Pudding & sauce. Jellies & blanc mange. Cheese straws & nuts & dates. Champagne.

Very nice & well done.

HFW War Diary No5, page spread No (39)


… … Christmas … 20 day commenced Scotch Mist Rain sleet sunshine … Now 20 inches of snow has fallen & the … … … making it … … … laughing … each breath with … … of snow.

26.12.17  Very quiet. Went to B.H.Q. for dinner. Made a bed in empty dug-out.

Spent evening with Miles.

27.12.17  Nothing doing

28.12.17  Helped lay a forward O.P. line past Messines. Some fine pillboxes, but very much smashed by our guns out of bombs.


29.12.17  Miles came across to spend evening.


. Long yarn


30.12.17  Wrote Mother & May King. Letters from Min & …  Nothing doing

 31.12.17  Not too good. Spent day in bed. Heavy cold

 1.1.18  Most of day in bed.

 2.1.18  Went to Steenwerck. Dentist moved.

 3.1.18  Still crook.

 4.1.18  Went to Locre via Veuve Eglise & Danotre

Spent evening with Miles.

 5.1.18  Spent day in bed. Bit of a temperature. Wrote Aunt Maney.

 6.1.18  Went up to find 1st Bde Hqrs. Walked about 8 miles. Very cold. Letters from Laura (2) Mother (2), Uncle Ted … Vera, Biddie.

HFW War Diary No5, page spread No (40)

 7.1.18  Nothing special.

 8.1.18  Renee to be married today.

Nothing doing.

 9.1.18  Quiet. Nothing doing.

 10.1.18  Snow.

 11.1.18  Bob & Dan drunk as …

 12.1.18  Woke early to find a couple of inches of water in the dugout.

Found that it had stopped rising so turned over & slept till day-light.

Spent the day sapping an exit for the flood. Mac came


came across in evening. Had supper from canteen.

 13.1.18  Went to Veuve Eglise & to YMCA service in evening.

 14.1.18  Still quiet. Water still running thro. Parcel from Mrs Frier.

 15.1.18. Nothing special

 16.1.18. Break in cables near W.Y. Opened up in shell-hole - mud very affectionate.

 17.1.18  Mud drifted into holes again. Dug cables up again. Very heavy digging. Shelled a bit.

 18.1.18  Got cables thro’ & finished job. Tested out well.


HFW War Diary No5, page spread No (41)

 19.1.18  Job in hand at L.G … shift test strips …

 20.1.18  Pretty long job shifting strips.

 21.1.18  Still on job.

Miles shifted

 22.1.18  Nothing doing. Still on job.

 23.1.18  Ditto

 24.1.18  Ditto  Wrote Mother

 25.1.18  Nothing doing - still on job.

 26.1.18  Sent silk souvenirs to Mother & Mavis.

 27.1.18  Job pretty well finished.

 29.1.18  Tested out. Job finished

 30.1.18  Nothing doing



(Correspondence notes)                                


HFW War Diary No5, page spread No (42)


31.1.18  Bob Parker, Dave Donaldson & Jack Brown gone out to Div. New Div chaps in. Went up to WY. Wrote Birmingham.

 1.2.18  Nothing doing.



 4.2.18  Ready to go out tomorrow.

 5.2.18  Moved off at 1 pm. - Met a lot of the old 2nd in at 4th Fd Amb - Kennedy, Newey, etc.

Got to Petit les Bois at about 6 pm. Had some eggs at Estaminet Chasseurs Naturalis nice people.

Very quiet village

 6.2.18  Got bed at Estaminet Triple Alliance. NTB. Wanted me to be in each night

HFW War Diary No5, page spread No (43)


            at 8 pm.

 7.2.18  Nothing very special. Quiet village

 8.2.18  Quiet

 9.2.18  Decent ride

 10.2.18  Nothing special

 11.2.18  On picquet. Went to Baillent

 12.2.18  Nothing special. Left Estaminet Alliance

 13.2.18  Went to bed at Naturaliste. Decent ride in day.

 14.2.18  Went to dip both horses. Beastly dirty job.



15.2.18  Nothing special. Very nice people & good conversation practice in evening.

 16.2.18  Nothing special

 17.2.18  Football with 3rd Bty. Beaten 9 - nil

 18.2.18  Nothing special. Stable picquet. Had fine gallop.

 19.2.18  Very quiet

 20.2.18  In for chess tournament at YMCA.

 21.2.18  Nothing doing

HFW War Diary No5, page spread No (44)


(French verse “After the war”?)


(sketch portrait)



22.2.18  Won chess. Nothing doing

 23.2.18  Got beaten in final for chess. Threw games away by carelessness too tired.

Played w 1st football in the afternoon. Late to bed.

 24.2.18  Went to YMCA service in evening. To move pretty soon.

Included in YMCA prayer

“Guard us in the place we are going to & if Fritz come over with any of his funny business, may the luck be on our side.”

 25.2.18  Funeral in village. Curious procession. Outside house on roadside a cross formed of 4 sheaves of hay with a circle of green earth on top

HFW War Diary No5, page spread No (45)


            Pulled out of Sec Bois at 10 am. Pretty cold & raining. Got to La Cligtte Poon after midday. Good stables & huts very different from last … & the Somme.

Sleep next to Dick Keogh - very nice youngster

 26.2.18  Not much doing. Cleaning horses & saddlery.

 27.2.18  Went to Locre with Macnamara.

 28.2.18  Took some phones up to 2nd Bty. Decent ride.

 1.3.18  Bought torch & some souvenirs for Min & Mrs Tardif.

 2.3.18  Going into action tomorrow. Had the gramophone & some fine records in hut


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