Sample APCS Auction Website Listing with Photos
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KH1 Praktica IV 35mm SLR pentaprism camera with f2.8/50mm Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar lens in M42 screw mount with semi-auto aperture (cock against a spring). Lever and knob wind. Leather case. Focus stiff, else excellent. 30
KH2 No.1A Folding Pocket Kodak Model D, black bellows, Bausch and Lomb RR lens in EKC ball-bearing shutter. Complete. Metal lens and lensboard tarnished, leather dry. 60
KH3 EKC No.3 Cartridge Kodak outfit in fitted leather case. Very Original. Includes camera with rollfilm (4 1/4 X 3 1/4) and cut film backs. Ground glass screen and scale focussing. Lovely internal woodwork and excellent Morocco leather covering. Red bellows. Owner's name inscribed 1901. Original rubber shutter bulb (perished), otherwise all in excellent condition. 300
KH4 No.3 Folding Pocket Kodak Model F, Red bellows, Bausch & Lomb RR lens in EKC Ball-bearing shutter. Two-way viewfinder and spirit level (still has bubble). Very good condition. 75   SEE LOT 2 PHOTO
KH5 Kodak EK6 Instant Camera in display box with instruction book and battery pack. As new, still has nameplate. 10   NO IMAGE SUBMITTED
KH6 Agfa Billy Record folding 120 (6X9) rollfilm camera with f4.5/105mm Steinheil Apotar lens in Prontor-S shutter. Original leather case. All in very good condition. 20
KH7 Olympus Pen  E-PL3 digital interchangeable lens Micro 4/3 camera with 14~42mm zoom lens and flash. Near-current model in near-mint condition and working perfectly. 12 Mega stills and 1080p video. Extra accessories include full instruction manual printout, three extra batteries, remote contoller/timer, 2Gb memory chip, wide lens hood and mount adaptor for Nikon F lenses. 200
KH8 Nikon mount lens. Sigma AF Zoom Apo 70-210mm F2.8 auto focus lens with 82mm UV filter, front and back caps, rotating tripod mount, hood and fitted case. A big heavy top quality usable in excellent condition. 150
KH9 Nikon F Photomic-T Finder, Black, in original box and leather case. Small crack in corner of prism. 20   NO IMAGE SUBMITTED
KH10 M42 screw mount lens. Sigma Mirror-Ultratel 500mm F8 tele lens. Front and rear caps, tripod mount and fitted case. Some smeary internal surfaces. 20   NO IMAGE SUBMITTED
KH11 Lowel Documentary/News lighting outfit comprising 3 Tota-lights, one Omni-light, 2 Omni-stands, 4 Tota-frames and gels, one silver Tota-brella with accessories and spare lamps all in one fitted carrying case. This is a pro outfit listed in current Lowel catalog at a replacement cost of US$1,855. 200
KH12 Kodak Six 20a folding 620 camera with f4.5/100mm Kodak London Anastar lens in Epsilon shutter. Original leather case. Very good condition. 20   NO IMAGE SUBMITTED
KH13 Balda Baldessa 1a 35mm coupled rangefinder camera with f2.8/45mm Isco Color-Westanar lens in Prontor-SVS shutter. Novel layout of controls and better than usual Balda quality. Leather case. Excellent condition. 50
KH14 Exacta "C" outfit from 1936. Takes 127 rollfilm or 4X6.5 cut film. Has 75mm Tessar F2.8 lens plus close-up rings and matching (numbered) spacer for cut film back. Contemporary De Jur-Amsco selenium light meter (not working); Ihagee film pack and dark slides; six filters. All in fitted mahogany case with shoulder strap. Shutter works, but blind is original and sheds a bit more rubber every time it is triggered. 400
KH15 Collection of seven compact automatic 35mm cameras. Pentax Espio 928;Fuji Zoom Date 90;Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom Date; Ricoh Shotmaster Tru-zoom Date; Pentax Espio 120; Canon Sure Shot Zoom; Canon Elph LT (apcs). 14   NO IMAGE SUBMITTED
KH16 Voigtlander Prominent 35mm camera with f2/50mm Ultron lens and cap. Excellent condition. 200
KH17 Leitz Prado 66 slide projector with 35mm and 6X6 slide holders. Hektor f2.5/150mm lens. In fitted case with spare lamp. Excellent condition. 50
KH18 Rollei Series 1 filters (5 of) and lens hood. Red; Orange; Light green; middle yellow; Light yellow. 5 Rollei keepers. 35   NO IMAGE SUBMITTED
KH19 Yashica adapter kit to use 35mm film in Yashica 120 Twin Lens Reflex cameras. Complete in leather case. 10   NO IMAGE SUBMITTED
KH20 Mamiya C2 Mamiyaflex 120 rollfilm interchangeable lens TLR camera with f2.8/80mm Mamiya-Sekor lenses in Seikosha-S shutter. Lens cap and half leather case. Very good useable condition. 90
KH21 Kodak Sterling II folding 620 rollfilm camera with f4.5/105mm Kodak London Anaston lens in Pronto shutter. Original leather case. All in excellent condition. 25